Stan Salett

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Stan Salett
Born (1936-04-06) April 6, 1936 (age 83)
ResidenceWashington, DC
NationalityUnited States
Occupationcivil rights activist & national education policy advisor
Known forcreator of the Upward Bound Program
ChildrenPeter Salett
Steve Salett

Stan Salett (born April 6, 1936) is a civil rights organizer, national education policy advisor and creator of the Upward Bound Program and helped to initiate Head Start.[1][2] In the early 1960s Salett was an organizer for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and helped organize the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.[3] He was the first director of education of the Office of Economic Opportunity, where the Head Start program was created. He co-founded the National Committee for Citizens in Education, dedicated to promoting parent and citizen involvement in schools.[4] During President Lyndon Johnson administration he initiated the National Upward Bound program.[5][6][7][8] While working in Washington, D.C. he served on the staff of all three Kennedy brothers: President Kennedy's Committee on Youth Employment, Attorney General Robert Kennedy's President's Committee on Juvenile Delinquency and Senator Edward Kennedy's Presidential campaign in 1980.[9] He was an active school board member in Maryland in the 80s.[10] During President Bill Clinton's transition he vetted candidates for Attorney General and Secretary of the Interior.[11]

In 2011 he published his memoir, "The Edge of Politics: Stories from the Civil Rights Movement, the War on Poverty & the Challenges of School Reform."[12] He received the New England Education Opportunity Association's Claiborne Pell Award in 2013.[13][14] Presently he is President of the Foundation for the Future of Youth, a division of the Eigen Arnett Educational and Cultural Foundation. He has developed special search engines to meet a variety of human needs such as the elimination of human trafficking, the improvement of school performance and the scarcity of the global water supply.[15] In 2016 Salett has been involved in The Independent Media Institute study which evaluated the movement to privatize public education. It was revealed that, "… in the past two decades, a small group of billionaires – including News Corporation's Rupert Murdoch, who once called public schools an "untapped 500-billion-dollar sector" – have worked to assert private control over public education ...."[16][17] Salett was presented with the 2017 Distinguished Graduate Award from Boston Latin School for his career to public service and public policy work.[18] The Award is given each year to alumni exemplifying the Boston Latin School motto, sumus primi.[19]

As of 2016, he resides in Washington, DC, and Chestertown, MD with his wife Elizabeth. He has 2 sons, singer-songwriters Peter Salett and Steve Salett, owner of Saltlands Studio in Brooklyn, NY and Reservoir in Manhattan.


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