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Stan Woodell (1928 – 24 April 2004) was a British botanist.[1]

Stanley Reginald John Woodell was born in Shepherds Bush, London. He obtained a degree in Botany from Durham University and also studied the pollination biology of the genus Primula for his PhD at the same university. He was a University Lecturer in Botany at Oxford University (1959–88). At Wolfson College, Oxford, he was successively a Governing Body Fellow (1967–88), Supernumerary Fellow (1988–89) and Emeritus Fellow (1989–2004). From 1984 to 2004 he was also the Fellow Librarian of the College.

As a botanist, Woodell co-wrote the Flora of Oxfordshire published in 1998, to which his fellow botanist and colleague Humphry Bowen contributed.[2]

Woodell died aged 75. A black poplar tree (Populus nigra) was planted at Wolfson College on 22 November 2004 in his memory.[3]


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