Stanley Zdonik

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Stanley Zdonik
Stanley Zdonik, Brown University.jpg
Born Boston, Massachusetts
Fields Computer Science
Institutions Brown University
Alma mater Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Doctoral advisor Michael Hammer
Known for Encore-Ob/Server, C-Store, Aurora/Borealis, H-Store

Stanley Zdonik is a computer scientist specializing in database management systems. He is currently a tenured professor of computer science at Brown University. Zdonik has lived in the Boston area his entire life. After completing two bachelors and two master's degrees at MIT, he then earned a PhD in database management under Michael Hammer.[1]

In the mid-seventies, Dr. Zdonik worked on the Prophet data management system for pharmacologists at Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. After becoming a professor at Brown University during the early 1980s, Zdonik became a leading researcher in object-oriented databases.[2] He has over one hundred peer-reviewed papers in the database field[3] and was named an ACM Fellow in 2006.[4] More recently, he has been involved in the development of several notable database projects with other well-known researchers, such as Michael Stonebraker and Sam Madden. These projects include the Aurora and Borealis stream processing engines, the C-Store column store database, and the H-Store parallel, main memory OLTP system. He has also served as a member of the VLDB Board of Trustees [5] and has been the general chair for several major database conferences.

Outside of academia, Zdonik is a co-founder for both the StreamBase and Vertica companies, as well as being a technical advisor for Attivio.


Zdonik is also an avid bluegrass mandolin musician and aficionado. He is currently the president of the International Bluegrass Music Association and the founder of the Boston Bluegrass Union.[6]


Prof. Zdonik has received a remarkable number of non-honorary degrees during his career, all from MIT.[7]


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