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Standby Records
Founded 2007 [1]
Founder Neil Sheehan (2008-Present) Nick Moore (2006-2008)
Distributor(s) Victory Records, RED
Genre Indie Rock, Post-Hardcore, Alternative Rock
Location North Carolina
Official website

Standby Records is an independent rock/metal label originally from Cleveland, Ohio, that has propelled the careers of several notable artists including Emarosa, and most recently Black Veil Brides. At the company’s helm is Standby Records CEO and Owner Neil Sheehan.

Current artists[edit]

  • Calembour
  • Chin Up, Kid
  • Cvltvre
  • Hang Tight
  • I, The Dreamer
  • If Not for Me
  • Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost
  • Leaders And Kings
  • Light the Fire
  • Secret Company
  • The Relapse Symphony
  • Younger Then

Former artists[edit]


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