Stand by Me (Atomic Rooster song)

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"Stand by Me"
Stand by Me (Atomic Rooster song).jpg
Single by Atomic Rooster
from the album Made in England
Released 1972
Format 7" vinyl
Recorded 1972
Genre Rock
Writer(s) Vincent Crane

"Stand by Me" is a 1972 song by English rock band Atomic Rooster. The song was written by the band's keyboard player Vincent Crane. The song was considered the best track off the 1972 Made in England album, and was a hit all over Europe, but narrowly missed the charts in the UK.[1] The song produced a second wave of interest in the band, but was the penultimate single before Atomic Rooster disbanded.[2]


  1. ^ Peter Buckley The Rough Guide to Rock 2003 "They decided to stay together, and having recruited Nick Graham on bass and vocals, Atomic Rooster were born. ... to say the least, although "Stand by Me" from the former was a hit all over Europe whilst narrowly missing the charts in the UK."
  2. ^ Le rock de A à Z: dictionnaire illustré Jean Marie Leduc, Jean-Noël Ogouz - 1984 p. 13 "Atomic Rooster obtient un regain d'intérêt («Stand by me»), mais de courte durée puisque Farlowe abandonne ses compagnons après un LP; Atomic Rooster est finalement dissous fin 72 ."