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Standard Brands Incorporated
Fatemerged with Nabisco, 1981
SuccessorNabisco Brands, Inc.
Founded1929 (merger of Fleischmann Company,Royal Baking Powder Company,E. W. Gillett,Widlar Food Products and Chase & Sanborn Coffee Company)
HeadquartersNew York, New York

Standard Brands was formed in 1929 by J. P. Morgan with the merger of:[1]

By 1940, it was the number-two brand of packaged goods after General Foods.[2] By 1955 the company was listed as 75 in the Fortune 500.

Standard Brands made several acquisitions. It bought Planters in 1960, and the Curtiss Candy Company in 1964. In 1979, it acquired Inver House scotch.[3]

The company merged with Nabisco in 1981 to form Nabisco Brands, Inc.[4]


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