Standard Catalog of World Paper Money

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The Standard Catalog of World Paper Money is a well-known catalogue of banknotes that is published by Krause Publications in three volumes. These catalogues are commonly known in the numismatic trade as the Pick catalogues, as the numbering system was originally compiled by Albert Pick. Since the mid-1980s the titles have been owned by Krause Publications, and since 1994 have been under the editorship of George S. Cuhaj.

Numbering system[edit]

The numbering system uses capital letters (e.g. 'P', 'PS', 'PM') and an integer to identify a note. If a note has signature or date variants, then a lower case letter follows (e.g. P120a). If a number needs to be added, and the section is not renumbered then the format is to use a suffix capital letter (e.g. P120A).


The sorting of notes is usually by issue series/date, then ascending by denomination.


Regular variants start with the letter a, b, c, ... Error notes usually bears the letter x, while specimen notes have the letter s. Unissued remainders (mostly 19th century incomplete printings) have the letter r, while known 20th century notes issued with replacement serial numbers would also have the letter r. Color trials bear the variant letters ct. When multiple specimens are known, then the format used is s1, s2.


Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, General Issues, 1368 - 1960[edit]

This is updated every two years or so, currently in the 15th edition (December 2014), which has a separate DVD of book pages in a PDF format.

Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues, 1961-Present[edit]

An annual edition, currently in the 20th edition (March 2014). The DVD of book pages in a PDF format is available separately.

Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Specialized Issues[edit]

This is updated every two years, currently in the 12th edition (November 2013). A DVD of PDFs of the catalog pages is available separately.

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