Standard Chartered Sri Lanka

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Standard Chartered Bank
Native name
ස්ටෑන්ඩර්ඩ් චාර්ටඩ් බැංකුව
Industry Banking
Global Markets
Founded 1858 (1858) in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Headquarters Colombo 01, Sri Lanka
Key people
Jim McCabe
(Chief Executive Officer)
Products Loans, Credit Cards, Savings, Consumer Banking etc.
Number of employees
Parent Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered Sri Lanka (officially Standard Chartered Bank; Sinhalese: ස්ටෑන්ඩර්ඩ් චාර්ටඩ් බැංකුව) is a banking and financial services company in Sri Lanka and a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered. It is a largest and one of the oldest banks in Sri Lanka. Now the third largest issuer of credit cards in Sri Lanka.[1]


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