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Society for Standards Professionals
Founded 1947
Headquarters Portsmouth, USA

The Society for Standards Professionals is the largest organization for standards users and professionals.[citation needed]

The Society for Standards Professionals was established in 1947 as the Standards Engineering Society, a not-for-profit, professional membership society dedicated to furthering the knowledge and use of standards and standardization. SES is the only organization in North America dedicated exclusively to this effort.[citation needed] SES provides a networking forum where standards users and developers can come together to address mutual issues, opportunities, and interests in ways to promote the principles and advantaged of standardization, standards, and conformity assessment.

SES members include industry, commerce, academia, service organizations, government, and standards developing organizations. SES represents the United States and Canada in the International Federation of Standards Users (IFAN) and is accredited as a standards developing organization by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Membership and organization[edit]

SES offers individual, organization, student, retiree, and subscriber membership. SES membership provides several benefits including:

  • information: access to current, reliable information on major issues concerning standards, standardization, and conformity assessment;
  • networking: networking opportunities at its annual conference and other meetings with standards professionals;
  • certification: professional certification in the areas of standards development, standards management, standards application, and standards information;
  • continuing education: continuing education courses that help members improve their standardization skills and become more valuable employees;
  • recognition: recognition for outstanding contributions in the standards and standardization area; and
  • volunteer opportunities: the opportunity to make a difference by contributing to various SES activities and programs.[citation needed]

Board of directors[edit]

SES is governed by a Board of Directors made up of Society officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President. Other Board members are Council Directors in the areas of Education, Marketing, Membership, Conference, Publications, and Technical. SES has several committees assigned to handle specific activities such as the annual conference, awards, certification, membership, publications and the web site.[1]

SES annual conference[edit]

The SES annual conference is usually held over two days in August at various locations within the US and Canada. The Conference Committee works with the SES Board to develop the conference program, which covers a variety of topics related to standardization and conformity assessment. The annual conference provides an opportunity for standards professionals to network with their peers and to learn about issues of interest to them. Participants from around the world exchange ideas, discuss problems, and offer solutions.

Certification programs[edit]

SES offers two levels of certification categories – Associate Standards Professional Certification (AStd.) which is an entry level certification that demonstrates a fundamental knowledge of standards and application, and Standards Professional Certification (CStd.) that demonstrates a thorough, more sophisticated knowledge of the principles, techniques and effects of standardization and recognizes a person's experience, expertise and contributions in the area of standards.

SES publications[edit]

Standards Engineering, the Society’s bimonthly journal, provides timely articles, best practices, advice on processes, and new technology innovations, and a series of feature columns by experts in the standards arena. Other SES publications include: 1) SES 1:2013, Recommended Practice for Designation and Organization of Standards; 2) SES 2:2011, Model Procedure for the Development of Standards; and 3) SES 3: 2016 Recommended Practice for Joint Standards Development . These publications are available from SES.

SES education[edit]

As part of its mission to enhance knowledge of standards, standardization and conformity assessment, SES provides a variety of educational opportunities:

  • Continuing Education Courses - offered at the SES Annual Conference
  • Standards Aware™ Series - online professional development courses
  • Webinars - focusing on areas of emerging and current standards topics
  • Certified Standards Professional - a certification program to recognize persons who have demonstrated a high degree of professional competence in different areas of standards.

Award programs[edit]

  • Leo B. Moore Medal: for highest achievement, extraordinary contribution, and distinguished service in the field of standardization, and its advancement through original research and writing, creative application and development of service. Any individual is eligible.
  • SES/ASTM Robert J. Painter Memorial Award: for special service in the field of standardization through a company program, managerial support, or educational research. Any individual is eligible.
  • SES/CSA Lorne K. Wagner Memorial Award: to an SES member who has made an outstanding contribution to SES. Only SES individuals who are current members of SES are eligible for nomination.
  • Honorary Life Member: for unusual distinction and outstanding accomplishment in the field of standardization. Only individuals who are not current members or who have not been members for the previous five years are eligible for nomination.
  • Fellow: for professional distinction and accomplishments in the field of standardization. Only individuals who have been members of SES for the past 10 years are eligible for nomination.

World Standards Day[edit]

SES participates on the US World Standards Day Planning Committee, made up of representatives from US standards developing organizations, industry, and government, to plan the US celebration of World Standards Day. This event usually takes place in October in Washington, D.C. During this celebration, SES presents the winners of the World Standards Day Paper Competition. The competition is co-sponsored with the Planning Committee and the judging is done by a panel selected by SES. The first, second, and third place awards are given to the author or authors for a paper prepared on the theme of World Standards Day.

The SES National Capital Area Section provides programs and networking opportunities for members in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Meetings offer presentations on standards-related programs or activities that are presented in a casual atmosphere. SES supports the establishment of other sections within the US and Canada.

International Federation of Standards Users[edit]

SES is a founding member of the International Federation of Standards Users (IFAN) and is a participant on the IFAN Board. SES includes an update about IFAN activities in the SES journal, and includes information about IFAN activities, how members of SES can become involved, and provides resource information. In addition, the society periodically invites IFAN to participate in a joint SES-IFAN conference.

Strategy and Direction[edit]

SES’ strategic plan guides the Society’s activities and programs and is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect new directions and activities. The plan includes the development of additional standards-related publications and courses, increasing the number of certified SES members, and effective promotion of SES activities. SES seeks to provide its members with programs and services that will help them succeed in their professions and increase their knowledge of standards and standardization[citation needed]

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