Standards related to Unicode

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There are several standards related to Unicode. Some are national standards that provide translated versions of sections of Unicode. Some provide guidance on using Unicode for languages frequently used in a region. Some are maintained to be in sync with Unicode.

Third-party standards related to Unicode
Name Organization Notes
BSI ISO/IEC 10646 British Standards Institution UK adoption of ISO/IEC 10646
DIN 91379 Deutsches Institut für Normung Unicode subset for Europe
CNS 14649 Chinese National Standards (Taiwan)
GB 13000 Chinese government standard
GB 18030 Chinese government standard Repertoire synchronized with ISO/IEC 10646
INCITS/ISO/IEC 10646 International Committee for Information Technology Standards US adoption of ISO/IEC 10646
ISIRI 6219 Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran
ISO/IEC 10646 International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission Repertoire synchronized with Unicode
JIS X 0221 Japanese Industrial Standards
KS X 1005 South Korean standard Formerly KS C 5700; abolished in 2006[1]
TCVN 6909 Vietnam standard


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  • Has UCS been adopted as a national standard?
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