Maybe One Day

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Maybe One Day
Studio album by Not By Choice
Released 3 September 2002
Genre Punk rock
Pop punk
Label Linus Entertainment
Producer John Whynot
Not By Choice chronology
Maybe One Day
Secondhand Opinions

Maybe One Day is the debut album of Canadian punk rock band Not by Choice, released on September 3, 2002. Standing All Alone and Now That You Are Leaving were the two singles released from this album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Maybe One Day"
  2. "Standing All Alone"
  3. "Now That You Are Leaving"
  4. "Wish Upon a Star"
  5. "Make My Day"
  6. "This Is the End"
  7. "Intoxicated"
  8. "Miss You"
  9. "The Way It Used to Be"
  10. "Same as You"
  11. "This Old Place"