Standing Committee on Local Government and Public Administration

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The Standing Committee on Local Government and Public Administration (Norwegian: Kommunal- og forvaltningskomiteen) is a standing committee of the Parliament of Norway. It is responsible for policies relating to local government, regional and rural policy, immigration policy, housing policy, building and construction, national minorities, Sami issues, matters relating to the organization and operation of state administration, government administration, personnel policy for state employees including pay and pensions, and economic support for political parties. It corresponds to the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development and Ministry of Government Administration and Reform.[1] The committee has 15 members and is chaired by Helge André Njåstad of the Progress Party.[2]

Members 2013–17[edit]

The committee is chaired by Helge André Njåstad
Representative Party Position
Njåstad, Helge AndréHelge André Njåstad Progress Chair
Pedersen, HelgaHelga Pedersen Labour First deputy chair
Andersen, KarinKarin Andersen Socialist Left Second deputy chair
Bøhler, JanJan Bøhler Labour
Greni, HeidiHeidi Greni Centre
Håheim, Stine RenateStine Renate Håheim Labour
Jenssen, Frank J.Frank J. Jenssen Conservative
Kapur, MudassarMudassar Kapur Conservative
Keshvari, MazyarMazyar Keshvari Progress
Lauvås, Stein ErikStein Erik Lauvås Labour
Lødemel, BjørnBjørn Lødemel Conservative
Skjelstad, André N.André N. Skjelstad Liberal
Schou, IngjerdIngjerd Schou Conservative
Sivertsen, EirikEirik Sivertsen Labour
Toskedal, Geir S.Geir S. Toskedal Christian Democratic