Standing on the Edge of the Noise

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Standing on the Edge of the Noise
Directed by Dick Carruthers
Produced by Ashley Pugh
Release date
  • 14 August 2008 (2008-08-14)
Running time
48:41 min tv edit
Language English

Standing on the Edge of the Noise is a look at Oasis performing in their own space, instead of the huge stadium stages on which they are more often seen. The programme includes a mix of classics and new tracks from Dig Out Your Soul. It's a one-off live show that they played for a handful of fans in their rehearsal studio, as preparations for their 2008/2009 "Dig Out Your Soul Tour". It is also the name of a track on Oasis's successor band Beady Eye's debut album.

An edit for TV was shown on 4Music on 23 November 2008,[1] and on Channel 4 on 29 November 2008.[2]

"Standing on the Edge of the Noise" was also a song written by Gem Archer, released when Beady Eye included it on their debut album, 2011's Different Gear, Still Speeding.

Track list[edit]

(TV edit)

  1. "Rock 'n' Roll Star" Intro
  2. "The Shock of the Lightning"
  3. "To Be Where There's Life"
  4. "Waiting for the Rapture"
  5. "The Masterplan"
  6. "Songbird"
  7. "Slide Away"
  8. "Ain't Got Nothin'"
  9. "The Importance of Being Idle"
  10. "I'm Outta Time"
  11. "Supersonic"
  12. "Don't Look Back in Anger"
  13. "Falling Down"

(complete show)

  1. "Rock 'n' Roll Star"
  2. "Lyla"
  3. "The Shock of the Lightning"
  4. "Cigarettes & Alcohol"
  5. "The Meaning of Soul"
  6. "To Be Where There's Life"
  7. "Waiting for the Rapture"
  8. "The Masterplan"
  9. "Songbird"
  10. "Slide Away"
  11. "Morning Glory"
  12. "Ain't Got Nothin'"
  13. "The Importance of Being Idle"
  14. "I'm Outta Time"
  15. "Wonderwall"
  16. "My Big Mouth"
  17. "Supersonic"
  18. "Don't Look Back in Anger" (acoustic)
  19. "Falling Down"
  20. "Champagne Supernova"
  21. "I Am the Walrus"


As of August 2009 there is no official release however there are various bootlegs of both the TV edit and the complete concert available in various video and audio formats.



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