Standing on the Outside

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Standing on the Outside: The Songs of Cold Chisel
Compilation album by various / Cold Chisel
Released 2007
Genre Rock
Label Rhino Records
Cold Chisel albums chronology
Standing on the Outside: The Songs of Cold Chisel
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(2011)Never Before2011

Standing on the Outside: The Songs of Cold Chisel is a tribute album dedicated to the songs of Australian band Cold Chisel. The album features 18 songs recorded by Australian and New Zealand artists The Living End, Dallas Crane, Pete Murray, Ben Lee, Thirsty Merc, Evermore, Paul Kelly, Troy Cassar-Daley, Grinspoon, You Am I, Katie Noonan, Something for Kate, Alex Lloyd, Shane Nicholson, The Waifs, Sarah Blasko, Augie March and The Flairz.

Standing on the Outside was conceived by Ed St John of Warner Australia as a tribute to the label's best-selling Australian act.[1] The album featured liner notes by Glenn A. Baker. A special edition featured a second CD containing the original 18 Cold Chisel songs.

Track listing[edit]

1."Rising Sun" (The Living End)Barnes 
2."Standing on the Outside" (Dallas Crane)Walker 
3."Forever Now" (Pete Murray)Prestwich 
4."No Sense" (Ben Lee)Barnes 
5."My Baby" (Thirsty Merc)Small 
6."Water into Wine" (Evermore)Prestwich 
7."Khe Sanh" (Paul Kelly)Walker 
8."Bow River" (Troy Cassar-Daley)Moss 
9."Saturday Night" (Grinspoon)Walker 
10."Houndog" (You Am I)Walker 
11."Choirgirl" (Katie Noonan)Walker 
12."When the War Is Over" (Something for Kate)Prestwich 
13."You Got Nothing I Want" (Alex Lloyd)Barnes 
14."Cheap Wine" (Shane Nicholson)Walker 
15."Four Walls" (The Waifs)Walker 
16."Flame Trees" (Sarah Blasko)Walker, Prestwich 
17."Janelle" (Augie March)Walker 
18."Shipping Steel" (The Flairz featuring Dave Larkin)Walker 
Bonus CD
1."Rising Sun"Barnes 
2."Standing on the Outside"Walker 
3."Forever Now"Prestwich 
4."No Sense"Barnes 
5."My Baby"Small 
6."Water Into Wine"Prestwich 
7."Khe Sanh"Walker 
8."Bow River"Moss 
9."Saturday Night"Walker 
12."When the War Is Over"Prestwich 
13."You Got Nothing I Want"Barnes 
14."Cheap Wine"Walker 
15."Four Walls"Walker 
16."Flame Trees"Walker, Prestwich 
18."Shipping Steel"Walker