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Stanford Everyday People
EP Performing.jpg
Everyday People performing at Stanford in 2010
Background information
Origin Stanford University
Genres Hip hop, R&B, Motown, Soul music, A cappella
Years active 1987–present

Stanford Everyday People, popularly known as EP, is Stanford University's only Hip-Hop, R&B, Motown and Soul a cappella group.[1][2][3] The group is known for its tight, soulful sound and wearing all black.[4][5] It was founded in 1987 and has released ten studio albums to date.[6] EP has toured the United States, Jamaica and the Bahamas.[7]


Founded in 1987 by Stanford University juniors Larry Shorter and Tony Stovall, the group's name is a tribute to Sly and the Family Stone's vision of inclusiveness and acceptance of all races, genders, and creeds as well as their 1967 hit of the same title.[8] EP is an entirely student-run organization: the arrangements in its repertoire have all been arranged and transcribed by its own members, past and present. Each year, hundreds of Stanford students audition to become members of Everyday People or other Stanford a cappella groups.[9][10] While EP generally performs with a group of 8-16 singers, graduating members always remain a part of the group.

Notable alumni[edit]

Notable alumni include:

  • Actor Barney Cheng
  • Award-winning singer-songwriter Jamie Green
  • Singer-songwriters and producers Kevin and Sean Kumar
  • Singer-songwriter and actor Mercy Malick
  • Broadway actress Katie Nutt
  • Jazz vocalist Katie Nutt
  • Prince Fahad Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia.


In addition to performing at campus and Bay Area events, EP has toured the United States, Jamaica and the Bahamas. The group has released ten studio albums that have received numerous awards. Musical direction by Betai Koffi provided for the most recent album as well as a host of new arrangements of music by Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder.

EP at Stanford, ~2005


  • Dress Black (1989)
  • Shades of Soul (1993)
  • Wail (1996)
  • 2648 West Grand Blvd. (1998)
  • EP Jones (1999)
  • Extended Play (2001)
  • Lovespeak (2004)[11]
  • The Next Episode (2009)[12][13]
  • The Sweetest (2014)
  • Evolution (2018) - EP

Everyday People Image

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