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The Stanford Mendicants
The Mendicants performing at the 2011 State of the Valley Conference in San Jose
Background information
Origin Stanford, California, USA
Genres A Cappella
Years active 1963—present

The Stanford Mendicants are an all-male a cappella group at Stanford University. The group is Stanford University's original a cappella group. Since its founding in 1963, the group's size has varied from 6 to 19 members. Although they are strictly an a cappella group today, they have performed with instruments in previous generations.[1][2] The group prides itself on singing a wide range of songs, from gospel to barbershop to pop tunes and original compositions. The Mendicants are known around Stanford's campus for their romantic serenades.

History and Accolades[edit]

The Stanford Mendicants was founded in 1963 by Hank Adams, a transfer student from Yale University, with a group of 5 undergraduate men. The group originally rehearsed only a single song before breaking into the dining commons of Branner Hall, an all-women's dormitory at the time, and performing their song during lunch. Adams often recalled, himself tearing up, that during their performance, the women wept, and there was literally "not a dry eye in the house". Having only rehearsed the one song, they quickly fled through an open window and went immediately back to rehearsal. [3]

Their 1998 album Besides What You See received a 4.2 rating [4] from the Recorded A Cappella Review Board (, which is the group's highest album score to date.

The group was Runner-Up in three categories in the inaugural CARA Awards in 1992 and have been nominated for awards as recently as 2005.[5] [6]

Two Mendicant songs have been featured on the annual "Best of Collegiate A Cappella" Compilation.[7]

Current Members[edit]

Current members of the Stanford Mendicants include:

Top Alexander Ronneburg, Peter Kurzner, Zach Esrig, Trent Sandland, Tim Sherlock

Lead Alex Feldman, Trey Hale, John Sholar, Austin Zambito-Valente, Khoi Le, Tim Isaacs

Baritone Lachlan Green, Robert Haag, Kris Kaya, Chris Adusei-Poku

Bass Stefan Swaans, Carter Burr-Kirven, Gabe Wieder, Josh Adamson



2011 Musical Director De Wei Koh editing a track for Sh-Boom
  • Untitled (1964)
  • Untitled (1965)
  • A Fellow Needs a Girl (1966)
  • Untitled (1967)
  • Untitled (1969)
  • Untitled (1973)
  • Untitled (1975)
  • Untitled (1977)
  • Untitled (1979)
  • Clean-Cut and Slightly Frayed (1981)
  • Somewhere in Hawaii (1982)
  • Take You Back (1986)
  • Pretending to Care (1987)
  • Aquapella (1989)
  • Just Like That (1991)
  • Feline Casanova (1992)
  • Back For Seconds (1994)
  • Beggars Can't Be Choosers (1996)
  • Besides What You See (1998)
  • Room to Grow (2000)
  • Best Laid Plans (2002)
  • Mendication (2004)
  • Beggar's Dozen (2006)
  • Roses In My Hand (2008)
  • Sh-Boom (2012)
  • Just a Group of Guys (2013)
  • Mendicants At Large (2015)

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