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Stanford Research Park is a technology park located in Palo Alto, California on land owned by Stanford University.[1] Built in 1951, as Stanford Industrial Park, it claims to be the world's first technology-focused office park. Frederick Terman is often credited with the idea and success of the Stanford Research Park, which was the first university-owned industrial park at the time of its founding and played a key role in the creation of Silicon Valley. In 1953, Varian Associates relocated to Palo Alto to become the first tenant of the new Stanford Industrial Park.[2] Early tenants included Hewlett-Packard, General Electric, and Lockheed.

The park covers 700 acres (2.8 km²) in an area surrounding Page Mill Road, south of El Camino Real. It is now run by the Stanford Management Company which was established in 1991 to manage the university's financial and real estate assets. The park's 162 buildings hold 23,000 employees who work for 140 different companies.

The park is still home to the main headquarters of Hewlett-Packard and until recently Facebook's headquarters. Since the early 1990s, many large American law firms have established Silicon Valley branch offices in or near the park, and their logos are prominently displayed along Page Mill Road.

Tesla Motors has its headquarters at 3500 Deer Creek Road.[3]

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