Stanford Research Systems

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Stanford Research Systems
Headquarters Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Area served
Products Analog PID controllers
Programmable temperature controllers
Lock-in amplifiers
Laser-diode controllers
Low-noise preamplifiers
High-voltage power supplies
Gated integrators and boxcar averagers
Synthesized function and clock generators
Digital delay and pulse generators
Frequency counters
FFT spectrum analyzers
LCR meters
Thermocouple monitors
Programmable filters
Compact rubidium (atomic) frequency standards

Stanford Research Systems is a maker of general test and measurement instruments. The company was founded in 1980, is privately held, and is not affiliated with Stanford University.

Stanford Research Systems (SRS) manufactures all of their products at their Sunnyvale, California facility. SRS produces scientific and engineering instruments for a number of different fields. Many of the products fall under the general category of "signal recovery". These products are primarily sold to industry, university, and government labs, or sold as OEM components to other manufacturers.

Electronic Products[edit]

A lock-in amplifier from Stanford Research Systems

Other Products[edit]

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