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Stanisław Łubieński (1573 – 16 April 1640), of Pomian coat of arms, was a Polish noble, politician and bishop. Royal Secretary of king Zygmunt III Waza from 1591; regent of Royal Chancellery from 1614, Crown Secretary, bishop of Łuck from 1622, Deputy Chancellor of the Crown from 1626 (to 1628) and bishop of Płock from 1627.

He was a Catholic priest and a strong supporter of counterreformation. Friend of the poet Maciej Sarbiewski,[1] himself he was an author of many important historical chronicles of that period, among them a detailed description of rokosz of Zebrzydowski.

Selected works[edit]

  • Brevis narratio profectionis in Sueciam Sigismundi III..., 1593;
  • De ortu, vita et morte Mathiae de Bużenin Pstrokoński... (1630);
  • Ce motu civili in Polonia libri quatuor, Series. vitea, res gestes episcoporum Plocensium..., Kraków 1642;
  • 'Opera posthuma historica historopolitica variigue discursus epistolae et aliquot orationes... (1643);
  • Droga do Szwecji;
  • Rozruchy domowe.


Preceded by
Hieronim Cielecki
Bishop of Płock
Succeeded by
Karol Ferdynand Waza