Stanisław Adamski

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Stanisław Adamski

Stanisław Adamski (12 April 1875 - 12 November 1967) was a Polish bishop, politician, and social and political activist of the Union of Catholic Societies of Polish Workers (Związek Katolickich Towarzystw Robotników Polskich), founder and editor of the 'Robotnik' (Worker) weekly.

Adamski was born in Zielonagóra. He was a Sejm deputy (1919–1922) and senator (1922–1927).

During World War II, Germans prevented him from carrying out his duties (1940–1945). Later, he was repressed by the communist government, removed from office in 1952, and upon being allowed in 1956, due to old age, delegated the responsibility to others. He died in Katowice.


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Preceded by
Arkadiusz Lisiecki
Bishop of Katowice
Succeeded by
Herbert Bednorz