Stanisław Car

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Stanisław Car

Stanisław Car was a Polish politician, lawyer, Marshal of the Sejm, deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice. Born on April 26, 1882 into a Warsaw middle-class family, he studied law at the University of Warsaw (until 1905), and then at the University of Odessa, where he graduated in 1907. In 1908–1911, Car worked as a clerk in a court, opening then his own legal office. In 1915, he became a judge, and a member of the Commission of Civil Law of the Provisional Council of State.

For most of the 1920s, Car worked in his office. In 1924, he opened a magazine of Warsaw lawyers, “Palestra”, of which he was the first editor in chief. After the May Coup of 1926, he returned to politics. A close associate of Jozef Pilsudski, he remained loyal to the Polish Marshal until Pilsudski’s death in May 1935.

Car was a prominent member of the pro-Sanacja party Nonpartisan Bloc for Support of Reforms (BBWR). He co-wrote the April Constitution of Poland.

Stanislaw Car died in Warsaw, on June 18, 1938.