Stanisław Julian Ostroróg

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Ostrorog's grave in Brompton Cemetery

Stanisław Julian Ostroróg (1830–1890) was an early professional portrait photographer who created photogravures of many famous contemporaries including Victor Hugo and Sarah Bernhardt. After his death, his byline Walery was adopted by his son, Stanisław Julian Ignacy (1863–1935).

Count Stanisław Julian Ostroróg, born in Mohylewo, Lithuania, became a British citizen in 1862, and set up a studio in London, in 1883. Stanislaw Ostrorog used the pseudonym of Walery which he adapted from his wife's name, Waleria. He died in 1890 and is buried in the central enclosed roundel of Brompton Cemetery in London.

After his death his son Stanisław Julian Ignacy, Count Ostroróg (1863-1935) continued the studio of his father, combining (between 1890-1900) with Alfred Ellis to become Ellis and Walery. Walery is known for his famous portraits of Queen Victoria.

The younger Count Ostrorog is often confused with Lucien Walery, who lived and worked in Paris in the period 1900-1930. Some believe that Lucien is the same as the younger Count Ostrorog, who is supposed to have moved to Paris, around 1900. More likely Lucien is altogether a different person.

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