Stanisław Koniecpolski (died 1682)

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Stanisław Koniecpolski
Coat of arms Pobóg
Consort Eugenia Katarzyna Wiśniowiecka
Noble family Koniecpolski
Father Aleksander Koniecpolski
Mother Joanna Barbara Zamoyska
Born after 1643
Died 1682

Stanisław Koniecpolski (born after 1643, died 1682) was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic).

Stanisław became Camp Leader of the Crown in 1676, voivode of Podole Voivodeship in 1679, castellan of Kraków in 1682 and starost of Belz.

Stanisław Koniecpolski was married to Eugenia Katarzyna Wiśniowiecka. He died childless.