Stanisław Lanckoroński (hetman)

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Stanisław Lanckoroński
Coat of arms Zadora
Consort Anna Sienienska
Noble family Lanckoroński
Father Jan Lanckoronski
Mother Barbara Kalinowska
Born c. 1597
Died 1657

Stanisław Lanckoroński (c. 1597-1657) was a Polish-Lithuanian magnate as well as a politician and military commander.

Stanisław became starost of Skała in 1641, castellan of Halicz in 1646, castellan of Kamieniec, voivode of Bracław Voivodship and Grand Regimentarz of the Crown in 1649, voivode of Ruthenian Voivodship in 1652, Field Crown Hetman from 1654 until February 19, 1657 and starost of Stobnice and Dymirsk.

He was married to Anna Sienienska and had eight children: Hieronim Lanckoronski, Przeclaw Lanckoronski, Franciszek Stanislaw Lanckoronski, Jan Lanckoronski, Zbigniew Lanckoronski, Mikolaj Lanckoronski, Marcin Lanckoronski and Joanna Lanckoronska.