Stanisław Olszewski

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Stanisław Olszewski photo from Polish newspaper "Tygodnik Ilustrowany 1898.
The patent for the carbon arc welding method named Elektrogefest ("Electric Hephaestus") granted to Nicholas de Bernardos and Stanisław Olszewski in 1887

Stanisław Olszewski (1852–1898) was a Polish engineer and inventor. He is best known as the co-creator of the technology of arc welding (along with Nikolay Benardos).[1]


He was educated in Belgium, University of Liege. Upon his return to Poland (Privislinsky Krai, Russian Empire), he became one of technical directors in the Lilpop, Rau i Loewenstein factory in Warsaw, and then the company's representative for all of Russian Empire. He also served as a general secretary of three Russian technological syndicates and simultaneously started his own company in Sankt Petersburg.

In 1881–82, together with Nikolay Benardos, a Russian engineer, he developed a method of carbon arc welding patented in France in 1885 and in the US in 1887.[2] He was also a known benefactor and sponsor of, among others, the Polish Gymnasium of Cieszyn. He died 15 July 1898 in Giessen. His body was then transported to Poland and buried at the Powązki Cemetery.


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