Stanisław Stempowski

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Stanisław Stempowski

Stanisław-Adam Stempowski (January 27, 1870 – January 11, 1952) was a Polish-Ukrainian politician and Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Poland.

Born in Huta Czernielewiecka, Podolia (then Russian Empire), he was educated in Krzemieniec (1879 – 1888) and studied in Dorpat (1888–1892).

After World War I, Stanisław Stempowski served as the minister in several cabinets of the Ukrainian People's Republic (UNR) in 1920, headed by Isaak Mazepa, Viacheslav Prokopovych, and Andriy Livytskyi. He was also a minister in the government of the UNR in exile, until January 1922.[1]

In the end of 1921, he entered Freemasonry, and was a Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Poland (1926–1928). He left Masonry on March 19, 1938, fearing the anti-Masonic policy of the Polish government.[2]


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