Stanley (constituency)

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Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands Constituency
Outline map
Location of Stanley within the Falkland Islands
Population 2,120 (2012)[1]
Major settlements Stanley
Current constituency
Created 1949
Number of members 2 (1949-1977)
1 (1977-1985)
4 (1985-1997)
5 (1997-present)
Party Nonpartisans
Member(s) Stacy Bragger
Barry Elsby
Mark Pollard
Roger Spink
Leona Roberts

Stanley is a constituency of the Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands which has been in existence since the first elections in the Falklands in 1949. The constituency of Stanley consists of the city of the same name, which is the largest settlement in the Falklands representing almost 75% of the total population of the islands (excluding military personnel). Stanley is one of two constituencies in the Falklands, the other being Camp.

The first elections to the Legislative Council (the predecessor of the Legislative Assembly) took place in 1949 and elected two members from Stanley. The number of members was reduced to one at the 1977 election with the implementation of the Falkland Islands (Legislative Council) (Amendment) Order 1977. In 1985 the Falkland Islands Constitution came into force which increased the number of members from Stanley to four, elected through block voting. This was increased to five in 1997 following a constitutional amendment, giving the members from Stanley a majority of the elected seats. In 2009 a new constitution came into force which replaced the Legislative Council with the Legislative Assembly, with all members of the Legislative Council becoming members of the new Legislative Assembly.

In referenda in 2001 and 2011, a proposal was put to the people of the Falklands for the Stanley and Camp constituencies to be abolished and replaced with a single constituency for the entire territory. The proposal was rejected on both occasions, but in the 2011 referendum a narrow majority of voters in Stanley supported the proposal.[2]


Election 1st Member 2nd Member 3rd Member 4th Member 5th Member
1949 Stanley Charles Luxton Arthur Leslie Hardy
1956 Martin George Creece
1960 Richard Victor Goss
1962 (by-election) John Richard Rowlands
1964 Frederick John Cheek
1968 Nanette King
1971 William Edward Bowles Sydney Miller
1976 John Smith
1981 Terence John Peck
1984 (by-election) Harold Bennett
1985 John Edward Cheek Darwin Lewis Clifton Norma Edwards Charles Desmond Keenleyside Jnr.
1987 (by-election) Terry Betts
1989 Gerrard "Fred" Robson Harold Rowlands Gavin Short Terry Peck
1993 John Cheek Charles Keenleyside Sharon Halford Wendy Teggart
1994 (by-election) John Birmingham
1996 (by-election) Mike Summers
1997 Jan Cheek Lewis Clifton
2001 Richard Cockwell Stephen Luxton
2005 Andrea Clausen Richard Andrew Davies Janet Robertson
2008 (by-election) John Birmingham
2009 Jan Cheek Emma Edwards Glenn Ross Gavin Short Richard Sawle
June 2011 (by-election) Mike Summers
December 2011 (by-election) Barry Elsby
2013 Michael Poole
2017 Stacy Bragger Mark Pollard Roger Spink Leona Roberts


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