Stanley Caine

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Stanley Caine
Born Stanley Victor Micklewhite
Late 1935
Southwark, Central London, England[1]
Died 13 January 2013(2013-01-13) (aged 77)
Ruislip, West London, England
Nationality British
Years active 1966–1969
Spouse(s) Marie Caine (2000-2013; his death)
Relatives Michael Caine (brother)

Stanley Caine (born Stanley Victor Micklewhite; late 1935[2] – 13 January 2013)[3] was an actor and the younger brother of actor Michael Caine. He was known for his role as "Coco" in The Italian Job, a film released in 1969 starring Michael.

In addition to his older brother Michael, Stanley had an older maternal half-brother who Stan and Michael only knew of after their mother's death in 1989. Their half-brother died in 1992.

Caine was diagnosed with leukaemia in early 2008. He died in his sleep in January 2013 in Ruislip, West London.[4]



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