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Stanley Glacier

Coordinates: 51°11′17″N 116°03′07″W / 51.188°N 116.052°W / 51.188; -116.052
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Stanley Glacier in November 2017

The Stanley Glacier locality in British Columbia is an exposure of the "thin" Stephen formation exhibiting soft-tissue preservation.[1] Fossils were discovered by a hiker who reported the find to Parks Canada; this brought the site to the attention of scientists who were able to study the site and describe the new biota.[2] The discovery of Burgess Shale-type preservation in the thin Stephen was unexpected, given the absence of the Cathedral escarpment in the area.[1] Several new species, including Stanleycaris, have already been found in exploratory excavations at the site.[1]


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51°11′17″N 116°03′07″W / 51.188°N 116.052°W / 51.188; -116.052