Stanley Memorial Library

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Stanley Memorial Library
Country United States
Type Public library
Established 1967
Location Laurel, Maryland
Branch of Prince George's County Memorial Library System

Stanley Memorial Library is the Laurel, Maryland branch of the Prince George's County Memorial Library System,[1] located at the intersection of Seventh Street and Talbott Avenue. The library is named after the family of Charles H. Stanley, a city commissioner (1880–1882), mayor (1891–1893),[2] and state comptroller (1911–1912).[3]

The library opened in 1967[4] and completed a major expansion in 1993.[5] Friends of the Laurel Library, a philanthropic group of local community members, has supported the branch since January 1996.[6]

Having outgrown its building, plans were made beginning in 2005 to replace it with a new facility.[7] The library closed on March 8, 2014, and reopened at a temporary location behind the Laurel Municipal Center on March 31, 2014, to allow for construction.[5] After nearly a year of delay, construction of the $14 million project was to begin in October/November 2014 with a grand opening in early 2016.[7] The project's groundbreaking ceremony occurred on May 27, 2015, with an updated opening set for the last quarter of 2016.[8]

The Prince George's County Board of Library Trustees decided in January 2014[5] to remove the Stanley name from the new library, to be consistent in naming branches after their location rather than after people.[9] A coalition of residents, including Mayor Craig Moe, campaigned to keep the Stanley name for historic reasons, and noted that the library was built on land donated by the Stanley family and named in accordance with the deed.[5] Other residents said Charles Stanley was a Confederate soldier and by association was pro-slavery and his name should not be on the building.[9] Library officials plan to dedicate a portion of the new lobby to Stanley.[5][9]


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