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Stanley Morgan (10 November 1929 – 24 August 2018[1]) was an English writer and actor. He wrote fiction, in the comedy and thriller genres and had more than 40 books published between 1968 and 2006.


Originally an actor, Morgan had many jobs as a young man, including sewing machine salesman, debt collector and bank clerk. In 1951, Morgan emigrated to Canada where he spent some time working in the Bank of Nova Scotia. In 1955, he emigrated again, this time to Southern Rhodesia. He resumed his acting career there and was sponsored to return to London after winning a Best Actor award. Upon returning to London, Morgan featured mostly in voice-overs ("Mullardability" the documentary he voiced for Mullard was nominated for the Special Film BAFTA in 1970[2]), although he did have a small role in the James Bond film Dr. No playing the Concierge in the casino who first introduces Sean Connery as James Bond. Most of his acting credits were in second feature crime shorts filmed at Merton Park Studios. Whilst between acting jobs in the late 1960s, Morgan began to write seriously and his first novel The Sewing Machine Man was published in 1968. Allegedly autobiographical, the novel revolved around the character Russ Tobin and Morgan went on to write a further 18 novels in the series. The latest of the Russ Tobin novels was published in 2005 after Morgan came out of retirement, mainly due to renewed interest in his work via the internet.

Along with George Harrison and Paul McCartney, Morgan was an alumnus of the Liverpool Institute High School for Boys, which he attended between 1945 and 1946

In August 2018, Morgan's webmaster announced his death on his website.[3] Morgan passed away on August 24, 2018.


Russ Tobin series[edit]

Fly Boys series[edit]

Michael Morgan Adventure series[edit]

Randy Comfort series[edit]

Gabriel Horn series[edit]

Horn is a young man who has adventures of a sexual nature with young women. This is typical of most of Morgan's books of the late 1960s to late 1970s.[1]

Albert Shifty series[edit]

Other novels (non-comedy)[edit]

TV and filmography[edit]




  • Someone Special (1966) - Women's British Royal Naval Service Recruitment film
  • Sugar As Energy (1967) - British Sugar Bureau educational film for Schools
  • Vinyl Plastics in Building Design (1967) - Imperial Chemical Industries documentary about the use of vinyl plastics in building
  • Men For Tomorrow (1968) - British Army Recruitment film
  • Looking At Paperwork (1968) - British Productivity Council film regarding the importance of O & M in business administration
  • Drawing In Metric (1969) - Central Office of Information film for architects changing over to metric units within the construction industry.
  • Mullardability (1969) - A Mullard film showing their wide range of products in the field of electronics



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