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In chemistry the term stannate refers to compounds of tin (Sn). Stannic acid (Sn(OH)4), the formal precursor to stannates, does not exist and is actually a hydrate of SnO2. The term is also used in naming conventions as a suffix for example the hexachlorostannate ion is SnCl2−

In materials science, two kinds of tin oxyanions are distinguished:

  • orthostannates contain discrete SnO4−
    units (e.g. K4SnO4) or have a spinel structure (e.g. Mg2SnO4)
  • metastannates with a stoichiometry MIISnO3, MI
    SnO3 which may contain polymeric anions or may be sometimes better described as mixed oxides

These materials are semiconductors.[1]

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