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Stanwix is a district of Carlisle, Cumbria in North West England. The ward population (called Stanwix Urban) had a population taken at the 2011 census of 5,934.[1] It is located on the north side of River Eden, across from Carlisle city centre. Although long counted as a suburb it did not officially become part of the city until 1912 when part of the civil parish of Stanwix became part of the parish, city and municipal borough of Carlisle. Further areas were added to the city, which was by then a county borough, in 1934 and 1951. The remaining part of the parish was eventually renamed Stanwix Rural in 1966.[2]


'Stanwix' means " 'stone wall(s)', v. 'steinn', 'veggr'... The stone walls of Congavata...gave rise to the name." [3] 'Steinn' and 'veggr' are Old Norse. 'Congavata ' was the name of the Roman fort at what became Drumburgh-by Sands; however, it was Petriana that gave rise to the name of Stanwix.


Stanwix is built on the site of a Roman fort known as Uxelodunum or Petriana. This was the largest fort on Hadrian's Wall, which adjoined the northwest edge of the fort.

St Michael's Church, Stanwix

The former village of Stanwix was centred on its church of St Michael's [4] at the top of a steep bank rising from the river Eden, close to the junction of the main road north (now the A7) with the road to the east (now the B6264). In the mid nineteenth century the district grew with many large houses built for Carlisle's expanding middle classes.[citation needed] Today Stanwix includes the areas of Edentown, Whiteclosegate, St Anne's Hill and Belah and may be said[who?] to include Moorville, Lowry Hill and Kingstown, but these districts are usually thought to be separate and were formerly part of Kingmoor parish and added to the city in the 1950s.[citation needed]

Eden Bridge, Carlisle

Notable buildings[edit]

Near the church today is a small parade of shops and other businesses.[citation needed] Morrisons and Aldi supermarkets and a Sainsburys Local store are located in the area as well.[citation needed] A little further north at Kingstown is a large Asda superstore.[citation needed] The University of Cumbria has a campus on Brampton Road (formerly the main campus of the Cumbria Institute of the Arts).[citation needed] There is also a Roman Catholic private school called Austin Friars St Monica's School located at St. Anne's Hill.[citation needed] The course of Hadrian's Wall runs through the suburb, and the area around the church is built on the site of the fort of Uxelodunum.[citation needed]

A single bridge, the grade I listed Eden Bridge designed by Robert Smirke,[5] crosses the River Eden to connect Stanwix and other northern reaches of the district to Carlisle city centre. Numerous households in low-lying areas in Stanwix were badly affected by the flooding of the River Eden during the Carlisle Floods of January 2005.[citation needed]

The main road running northwards through Stanwix is Scotland Road, and until 2012 had the dubious distinction of carrying the same daily volume of traffic as the nearby M6 motorway.[citation needed] In 2012 the "northern relief road" opened, around the north-west of Carlisle, which should ease congestion.

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