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This article is about the C++ library. For JAM/STAPL programming of JTAG PLD's, see Standard Test and Programming Language.
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Stapl (Standard Adaptive Parallel Library) is a library for C++, similar and compatible to STL. It provides parallelism support for writing applications for systems with shared or distributed memory.

It was developed by Lawrence Rauchwerger, Nancy M. Amato, Bjarne Stroustrup and several grad students at Texas A&M University.


  • Components for Program Development
    • pContainers - generic, distributed data structures with parallel methods.
    • Views - equivalent of STL iterators, extended to allow efficient parallelism.
    • pRange - a parallel task dependence graph recursively defined as a tree of subranges.
    • pAlgorithms - parallel equivalents of STL algorithms.
  • Run-time System(RTS) providing the following facilities:
    • Adaptive Remote Method Invocation (ARMI)
    • Framework for Algorithm Selection and Tuning(FAST)

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L. Rauchwerger, F. Arzu, Koji Ouchi. "Standard Templates Adaptive Parallel Library"

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