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Staple Design
IndustryDesign, Consultancy
Fashion, Retail
FoundedNew York City, U.S. (1997 (1997))
FounderJeff Staple (born Jeff Ng)
ServicesBranding, Editorial Design, Product Design, Packaging Design, Corporate Identity, Web Design

Staple Design is a visual communications agency based in New York City and founded in 1997 by Jeff Staple (born Jeff Ng). It has three main divisions: a clothing collection, a creative agency, and a retail store. Staple is a full lifestyle menswear collection and is distributed globally. Staple Design Studio is a creative consulting firm that has worked with many brands including Nike, Microsoft, Sony, Lotus, Timberland, New Balance, LVMH, and others. Staple Design also owns and operates Reed Space in the Lower East Side of New York City. It also features an art gallery.[1]


Jeff Staple, portrayed at the BreadandButter show in 2009

Staple Design was founded by Jeff Ng, also known as jeffstaple. While in college, Jeff worked as an entry-level data clerk at a design firm. With no prior exposure to the design software programs that were being used such as QuarkXPress, Photoshop and Illustrator, Jeff quickly learned and eventually became a class instructor at the firm in less than 6 months. He then realized his growing passion for graphic design, dropped out of NYU, where he was studying journalism at the time, and enrolled himself at the Parsons School of Design in Fall 1995 to study Communications Design.[citation needed]

Following his calling, Jeff took on an internship with the pioneer streetwear clothing company, PNB Nation, and worked as a graphic designer at c.i.t.e. design. With school, an internship, a part-time job and a strong desire to communicate through design, he managed to materialize his budding idea to establish Staple by silk-screening T-shirts in his spare time. On March 7, 1997, Jeff walked into the Triple Five Soul boutique in SoHo wearing a hand-printed Staple T-shirt. The manager took notice and placed the first ever order of 12 T-shirts from the line. With Staple’s door officially open for business, Jeff successfully turned his one-man T-shirt business into a men's collection as well as a full-service design firm; opening Staple Design that year and his own retail store/art gallery, Reed Space, in 2002.[citation needed]

Since then, Staple has gained itself a following as an underground streetwear company. Perhaps their most famous product were the NYC Pigeon Dunks, a pair of sneakers that they produced in collaboration with Nike. There were only around 200 pairs released and they were exclusively released in NYC. Riots erupted at many of the stores where the shoes were sold, and Staple Pigeons currently sell for over 2000 US dollars.[2] Staple Pigeon has since started out as a self-contained brand with an American site as well as a European site.[3][4]


Staple Design produces a globally distributed lifestyle menswear collection. The collection is split into two main lines: Staple, which is mostly graphic and print focused with tees and tops, and STPL, their cut & sew collection.[5]


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