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Star-K symbol as found on certified products
Star-D symbol as found on certified products

Star-K Kosher Certification, also known as the Vaad Hakashrut of Baltimore (Hebrew: ועד הכשרות דבאלטימאר‎), is a kosher certification agency based in Baltimore, Maryland, under the administration of Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, with the involvement of many other rabbis.[1] It is one of the largest Jewish dietary certification agencies in North America.[2] It is trusted by many orthodox Jews worldwide for dedication to preserving Kashrut. The organization supervises tens of thousands of commercial food products and food establishments (such as restaurants and caterers) around the world.

Other certifications[edit]

The organization also provides another kosher certification label known as Star-D for certain dairy products and establishments.[3] Traditional Star-K certification may be applied only if the product is chalav yisrael (that is, milk that has been milked under the supervision of a religiously observant Jew). Star-D products need not be chalav yisrael, though they must meet all other Star-K standards. The Star-D label is administered by the Star-K but sponsored by the National Council of Young Israel of the United States, and many well-known brands have qualified for Star-D certification.[4]

The Star-K offers another certification label known as Star-S for products that are Kosher for Passover but with kitniyot ingredients. These products are permitted to Sephardi but not to Ashkenazi Jews on Passover.


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