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StarStruck (season 4)
Created by GMA Network
Directed by Lino Cayetano
Presented by Dingdong Dantes
Jolina Magdangal
Raymond Gutierrez
Judges Louie Ignacio
Lorna Tolentino
Douglas Quijano
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes 91
Executive producer(s) Wilma Galvante
Running time Ordinary: 30-60 minutes
The Final Judgment: 2 hours
Original network GMA Network
Original release December 4, 2006 – March 25, 2007
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Season 4 Final 14 (2006–2007)
Aljur Abrenica Ultimate Hunk
Jewel Mische Ultimate Sweetheart
Mart Escudero**

Kris Bernal

Ultimate Male/Female


Prince Stefan First Prince
Rich Asuncion** First Princess
Stef Prescott March 11, 2007
Paulo Avelino March 11, 2007
Jesi Corcuera February 18, 2007
Mart Escudero February 18, 2007
Rich Asuncion February 4, 2007
Jan Manual February 4, 2007
Dex Quindoza January 21, 2007
Hazel Uy January 21, 2007
Renee Lascuña January 14, 2007
Dave Valentino January 14, 2007
Top 16 Survivors
Lizzy Pecson January 7, 2007
Chad Burden January 7, 2007
Top 20 Survivors
Jean de Castro December 31, 2006
Chariz Solomon December 31, 2006
Lui Perez December 31, 2006
Kiko Junio December 31, 2006
Note: The First Prince and First Princess designations
were applied retroactively in 2006.

The fourth season of StarStruck (or also known as StarStruck: The Next Level) premiered on December 4, 2006. The council was formed with Louie Ignacio, Lorna Tolentino, and Douglas Quijano representing it. The show was co-hosted by Dingdong Dantes, Jolina Magdangal and Raymond Gutierrez.


The fourth season of StarStruck was formally announced the return of their reality-based talent show on September 3, 2006. GMA Network's variety program, SOP, where the hosts invited teenagers from 16 to 21 years old to audition for the new upcoming StarStruck season. Much of the auditions were held at the GMA Network's headquarters and at SM Supermalls throughout the Philippines.

The pilot episode was aired on December 4, 2006. The new improve edition of the popular show. Like the season 3, "StarStruck " is shown only weekdays having Friday as Elimination Night, this season Mondays to Fridays will be tests and Sundays would be the elimination night. The show held its Final Judgment on March 25, 2007 again at the Marikina Sports Complex.

In the 4th year of the reality-talent search, Out of millions who auditioned, only TOP 100 was chosen for the first cut. From TOP 100, it was trimmed down to TOP 60, then from TOP 60 to TOP 30, and from TOP 30 to TOP 20. Unlike the previous batches which launched Final 14, this batch was trimmed down to twenty, dubbed as the TOP 20. The initial cut of TOP 20. The Final Twenty Survivors underwent various workshops and trainings in order to develop their personalities, talents, and charisma. The TOP 20 was reduced to TOP 16 until they formed the Final 14 finalists. But, the twist is that every week, two of the Final 14 may have to say goodbye and this time only six remain. Those who were eliminated were dubbed as "StarStruck Avengers".

The Final Six Survivors will vie for the coveted Ultimate Hunk, Ultimate Sweetheart and Ultimate Male and Female Loveteam each of them has received (P 1,000,000) pesos and exclusive contracts from GMA Network. Belgian Waffle franchises worth (P 250,000) pesos each and (P 50,00) gift certificates to Calayan, and scholarships to Informatics. "First Prince" and "First Princess", each of them has received (P 250,000) pesos each. The StarStruck Avengers (the losing contestants) also received an exclusive contracts from the network.

It also featured a new ultimate title in StarStruck history, an Ultimate Hunk, Ultimate Sweetheart and Ultimate Male and Female Loveteam.

The Top 20 Survivors[edit]

As an exciting twist to the show, for the fourth season, instead of having just the traditional Final 14, there will be the TOP 20 Survivors who will compete in various challenges. The hopefuls who will standout and survive these challenges will be part of the " Final 14".

The following is a list of Top 20 semi-finalists who were eliminated in the first week of the semi-finals:

Contestant Age Hometown
Kiko Junio 16 Pampanga
Lui Perez 21 South Cotabato
Chariz Solomon 17 Pasay
Jean de Castro 17 Mandaluyong

The following is a list of Top 16 semi-finalists who failed to reach the finals:

Contestant Age Hometown
Chad Borden 20 Cebu
Lizzy Pecson 19 Pampanga

The Final 14 Survivors[edit]

When the Final 14 was chosen, they are assigned to different challenges every week that will hone their acting, singing, and dancing abilities. Every Sunday, two is meant to leave the competition until there were just 8 others who are left. From Final 8, there will be two of them who will be eliminated and after the elimination the two; the Final 6 will be revealed. The Final 6 will be battling with each other on the Final Judgment. People will choose who they want to win the competition by text voting. 50% of the result will come from the text votes and the remaining 50% is from the StarStruck council.

Contestant Age Hometown
Aljur Abrenica 16 Pampanga
Dave Valentino 20 Manila
Dex Quindoza 17 Manila
Hazel Uy 19 Cebu
Jan Manual 20 Laguna
Jesi Corcuera 16 Pasay
Jewel Mische 16 Bulacan
Kris Bernal 17 Quezon City
Mart Escudero 16 Cavite
Paulo Avelino 18 Baguio
Prince Stefan 17 Iloilo
Renee Lascuña 17 Davao
Rich Asuncion 17 Bohol
Stef Prescott 16 La Union

The Avengers Strike's Back[edit]

This is a twist in StarStruck: The Next Level. The twist is that the Avengers (losing contestants) of the fourth season will be the competitors of the Survivors in the one-week challenges. The Avengers competing with the Survivors are Lui Perez, Chariz Solomon, Jean de Castro, Chad Burden, Lizzy Pecson, Renee Lascuña, Hazel Uy, Dex Quindoza, Jan Manual and Rich Asuncion. On the first day of the Avengers challenge, two were eliminated since there were ten Avengers and only eight Survivors. Those that were eliminated were Jean de Castro and Renee Lascuña.

At the end of the "Survivor Vs. Avenger" week, four out of the eight avengers were eliminated and the other four were chosen to compete in the "Danger 8" challenge week. The four that were eliminated were Chad Burden, Chariz Solomon, Hazel Uy, and Lui Perez. The four that were chosen for the next weeks challenge were Dex Quindoza, Jan Manual, Lizzy Pecson, and Rich Asuncion.

Innovation: The Final 8 Survivors[edit]

At the end of the "Survivor Vs. Avenger" week, four Avengers out of the eight were chosen to continue competing in the show to have the right to join the remaining Survivors. From the eight Survivors, Mart Escudero and Jesi Corcuera were eliminated and were asked to join the Avenger group to compete for the two Survivor spots available that will complete the Danger 8. The avenger group consists of Dex Quindoza, Jan Manual, Jesi Corcuera, Lizzy Pecson, Mart Escudero, and Rich Asuncion.

Voting for the remaining Survivors was temporarily closed and were opened for the six competing Avengers.

At the end of the week, Mart Escudero and Rich Asuncion were chosen for the two remaining Survivor spots and thus completed the Danger 8. The Danger 8 now consists of Aljur Abrenica, Jewel Mische, Kris Bernal, Mart Escudero, Paulo Avelino, Prince Stefan, Rich Asuncion, and Stef Prescott.

The Final Judgment[edit]

The Final Judgment for the fourth season was held on March 25, 2007 at the Marikina Sports Complex. StarStruck fans filled the Marikina Sports Complex to capacity to witness the show's Final Judgment, which was hosted by Dingdong Dantes, Jolina Magdangal, and Raymond Gutierrez. A filled Marikina Sports Park was witness to the much-awaited event. Aside from being the Final Judgment, it was a celebration of the highly successful artista search and involved special performances from 59 StarStruck alumni.[1]

The Council composed of Louie Ignacio, Lorna Tolentino, and Douglas Quijano was joined by GMA-7's senior vice-president for entertainment-TV Wilma Galvante and GMA Films president Anette Gozon-Abrogar (both not pictured) for the Final Judgment night.[2]

Other awards honored that night were Jan Manual for Dats Entertaining Award, Dex Quindoza for Male with the Most Dramatic Exit, Stef Prescott for Female With the Most Dramatic Exit, and Jesi Corcuera for the Best Taktak Award.[3]

Mart Escudero of Cavite and Kris Bernalof Quezon City they are the "Ultimate Male and Female Loveteam", Aljur Abrenica of Pampanga is the "Ultimate Hunk" and Jewel Mische of Bulacan is the "Ultimate Sweetheart" were proclaimed the "Ultimate Survivors". All four winners both received (P 1,000,000) each and exclusive GMA Network contracts worth (P 2,000,000) pesos each, Belgian Waffle franchises worth (P 250,000) pesos each, (P 50,00) gift certificates to Manny Calayan, and scholarships to Informatics.

The winners will be included in the youth-oriented show Boys Nxt Door except Jewel Mische. The Ultimate Hunk and Ultimate Sweetheart will be part of a separate GMA teledrama.

The Ultimate Male and Female Loveteam will be introduced in a Regal Films movie with Judy Ann Santos and Dennis Trillo which is Mag-ingat Ka sa Kulam.

While Prince Stefan of Iloilo is the "First Prince" and Rich Asuncion of Bohol is the "First Princess" were proclaimed the "Runner-up" each of them received (P 250,000) pesos each and exclusive GMA Network contracts. The "Starstruck Avengers" also received an exclusive contract from the network.

During the show, the hosts announced the text votes received by each StarStruck Survivor. As for the Male Survivors, Aljur Abrenica got 280,084 votes, Mart Escudero got 267,703 votes, while Prince Stefan got 193,503 votes, As for the Female Survivors, Jewel Mische got 157,618 votes, Kris Bernal got 177,600 votes, while Rich Asuncion got 151,981 votes from the audience.

Thus, Kris Bernal and Aljur Abrenica received the Texter's Choice awards giving them both commercial endorsements for BNY.[4] Jewel Mische will also receive a modelling contract with the Dutch Mill Yogurt Drink because she wins the title "Ultimate Sweetheart".

Before the top winners were named, Regine Velasquez sang "This is the Moment" for the remaining six contenders, while pre-taped played on a big screen of them thanking their supporters.[5] The Final Judgment only gained a rating of 24.1%, relatively high as the finale finished very late, reaching until 1:15 the following morning, but the ratings that they gained that very night was more than enough to beat their rival show that very night.

The Fourth Final Judgment night's theme was based on the Disney channel phenomenal made for TV film, "High School Musical".

Signature Dances[edit]

There are signature dances and songs made in each batch. With this batch, their signature dances and songs are:

  • Fergalicious
  • Mosquito!
  • Chicken Noodle Soup (Performed by StarStruck Alumni's with the Abstruct Dancers)
  • El Nin-YO! (Jewel Mische solo dance number with the Manoeuvres)
  • Itaktak Mo (Jesi Corcuera, won the title of "Itaktak Queen Award" with the co-Starstruck Avengers)

Elimination Chart[edit]

Male Female Top 20 Final 14 Final 6
StarStruck Avenger Runner-up Ultimate Survivor
Challenge Winner Safe Bottom Group Eliminated Advance Did Not Advance Did Not Participate Wild Card
Stage Semifinals Finals
Week (2006-2007) 12/311 01/071 01/14 01/21 01/282 02/04 02/113 02/18 02/255 03/116 03/25
Place Contestant Result
1–2 Aljur Abrenica Safe Final 14 Safe Bottom 6 Safe Safe Safe Safe CW Final 6 Ultimate Hunk
Jewel Mische Safe Final 14 Bottom 4 Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Final 6 Ultimate Sweetheart
3–4 Mart Escudero Safe Final 14 Safe Safe Bottom 5 Bottom 5 Safe Elim Wildcard Final 6 Ultimate Male/Female Loveteam
Kris Bernal Safe Final 14 Safe Bottom 6 Safe Safe Safe Safe CW Final 6
5–6 Prince Stefan Safe Final 14 Safe Bottom 6 Bottom 5 Safe Safe Safe Safe Final 6 First Prince
Rich Asuncion Safe Final 14 Safe CW Safe Elim Advanced Safe Wildcard Final 6 First Princess
7–8 Stef Prescott Safe Final 14 Safe CW Bottom 5 Bottom 5 Safe Bottom 4 Safe Elim StarStruck Avenger
Paulo Avelino Safe Final 14 Bottom 4 CW Safe Bottom 5 Safe Bottom 4 Safe
9 Jesi Corcuera Safe Final 14 Safe Bottom 6 Bottom 5 Safe Safe Elim Did not Advanced
10 Jan Manual Safe Final 14 Safe CW Bottom 5 Elim Advanced Did not Advanced
11–12 Dex Quindoza Safe Final 14 Safe Elim Advanced Did not Advanced
Hazel Uy Safe Final 14 Safe Advanced Did not Advanced
13–14 Renee Lascuña Safe Final 14 Elim Did not Advanced
Dave Valentino Safe Final 14 Did not Participate
15–16 Lizzy Pecson Safe Elim Advanced Advanced Did not Advanced4 StarStruck Top 16
Chad Burden Safe Advanced Did not Advanced
17–20 Jean de Castro Elim Did not Advanced StarStruck Top 20
Chariz Solomon Advanced Did not Advanced
Lui Perez Advanced Did not Advanced
Kiko Junio Did not Participate
  1. ^ Semifinals The four Survivors were Eliminated from the first week. They are Kiko Junio, Lui Perez, Chariz Solomon and Jean de Castro. The two Survivors were Eliminated from the second week to complete the Final 14. They are Chad Burden and Lizzy Pecson.
  2. ^ It was a non-elimination week. The bottom group are Jan Manual, Jesi Corcuera, Mart Escudero, Stef Prescott and Prince Stefan was safe for the elimination on January 28, 2007.
  3. ^ The week ending February 11 includes The Avengers Strike Back Twist while the week ending February 25 includes The Danger 8 Twist. In the Avengers Strike Back twist, all Avengers from the Top 20 & Top 14 returned Chariz Solomon, Chad Burden, Jean de Castro, Lui Perez, Lizzy Pecson, Renee Lascuña, Hazel Uy, Dex Quindoza, Jan Manual, Rich Asuncion and Followed by Jesi Corcuera and Mart Escudero. (Excepted for Kiko Junio and Dave Valentino) where 4 will be chosen for the Danger 8 Twist.
  4. ^ Out of all the Avengers who didn't make it in the Final 14, Lizzy Pecson is the only one who advanced in the Danger 8 Twist. However, she failed to advance in this round.
  5. ^ At the end of the week, Mart Escudero and Rich Asuncion were chosen for the two remaining Survivor spots and thus completed the Danger 8.
  6. ^ The Final 6 was chosen on March 11, 2007. And the last avengers are Paulo Avelino and Stef Prescott. The first called to eliminated is Paulo Avelino and the second called is Stef Prescott.

     The contestant advanced in the competition as part of either aforementioned twists.
     The contestant did not advance in the competition as part of either aforementioned twists.
     The contestant did not participate in the aforementioned twists.

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