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StarWind Software Inc.
Industry Computer software
Founded 2008
Founder Artem Berman, Anton Kolomyeytsev
Headquarters Middleton, Massachusetts, U.S.
Products iSCSI Target
De-duplication Engine
Virtual tape library Appliance
Hyperconverged Appliance
FCoE Initiator
iSCSI Initiator
ATA-over-Ethernet Initiator

StarWind Software, Inc. is a computer software company specializing in storage virtualization and building iSCSI, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) SAN, and NFS and SMB3 NAS as well using commodity hardware.[1] Primary use case covered is VM, especially VDI,[2] Microsoft Exchange Server,[3] and Microsoft SQL Server [4] storage for Hyper-V,[5] VMware [6][7] and Xen,[8][9] and HA and DR scenarios.[10] Recently StarWind started offering combined software-hardware solution called "HyperConverged Appliance" [11][12] which is aggregation of Dell and SuperMicro servers,[13][14] hypervisor from Microsoft and VMware, StarWind own mature storage virtualization software [15][16][17][18] doing aggressive DRAM and flash caching, tiering and log-structuring for performance increase reasons,[19] Veeam Software VM backup and replication, VM management and so on.,[20] essentially a "private-cloud-in-a-box".[21][22]


StarWind Software is a privately held company which began in 2008 as a spin-off from Rocket Division Software, Ltd. (founded in 2003), with a round A of investment from ABRT Venture.[23] It started providing early adopters with initially free software offerings in 2009 [24][25] and doing this up to now.[26][27][28][29]

In mid-April 2014 StarWind Software closed round B of investment from Almaz Capital and AVentures Capital.[30][31][32][33][34] StarWind is headquartered in Middleton, Massachusetts, USA.

StarWind iSCSI SAN software had reviews [35] such as ZDNet,[36] OpenBench Labs,[37] AnandTech,[38] TechRepublic,[39][40] and Microsoft TechNet.[41] In 2009 StarWind Software won the Sprout Award from Everything Channel at XChange '09.[42]

In 2013 Western Digital had OEM-ed StarWind iSCSI engine for their WD Sentinel DX4000 and RX4100 lines of NAS appliances.[43]

In December 2013 StarWind Software nearly won both "Storage Virtualization Product of the Year" and "Virtualization Management Product of the Year" titles from SVC Awards with Emulex LightPulse Gen 5 Fibre Channel HBA by Emulex and Cisco UCS Director (formerly Cloupia) by Cisco products in front.[44]

Late 2014 StarWind Software was a runner up for "Storage Virtualization Product of the Year" with Zerto replication suite winning nomination.[45]

In September 2015 StarWind, IBM and FalconStor had one confirmed customer transfer from their solutions to DataCore.[46]

In 2015 StarWind was referenced as one of the rapidly growing hypercoverged companies together with Nutanix and SimpliVity.[47]

In 2015 StarWind Software was nominated and came to final for "Virtualization / Software Defined Storage Product of the Year".[48]


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