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One of the logos used by Durant Motors Star automobiles

The Star was an automobile marque that was assembled by the Durant Motors Company between 1922 and 1928. Also known as the Star Car, Star was envisioned as a competitor against the Ford Model T. (In the United Kingdom, it was sold as the Rugby, to avoid confusion with the British marque.)[1]


A 1926 Star two-door coach at the R. E. Olds Transportation Museum
A 1923 Star Four Model C Station Wagon
Share of the Star Motors, Inc., issued 14. November 1924

Like other products of the Durant Motors Company, the Star was an "assembled" car, built from parts supplied by various outside companies. Originally, Stars were powered by a four-cylinder engine; in 1926, the line introduced a six-cylinder engine. All factory-installed engines were built by Continental.

In 1923, Star became the first car company to offer a production station wagon. Instead of shipping a chassis out to a custom builder, who added a wooden wagon body, the wagon body was delivered to the Star factory and fitted to the chassis there.[2]

For the early part of the 1928 model year, the Star was known as the Durant Star and was only available with a four-cylinder engine. The car was replaced in the latter half of the 1928 model year by the Durant 4.

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