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For a similarly named airline, see Maersk Air.
Star Air
Founded 1987
Hubs Copenhagen Airport
Fleet size 12
Parent company A.P. Moller Maersk
Headquarters Dragør, Denmark
Key people Søren Graversen (CEO)
Website Star Air

Star Air is a cargo airline organized as a limited company with registered headquarters in Dragør, by Copenhagen Airport, Denmark.


Maersk Star Air Boeing 767-200 at Edinburgh Airport

Star Air was founded on 1 September 1987 by the A P Moller Line who bought a hangar and the operating organisation from Alk-Air and leased three Fokker F27-600s.

At the outset, Star Air's customer base consisted of companies who required transport for their customers and employees, as well as other airlines who required the lease of aircraft with crew.

As Star Air's business objective was airfreight, the activities gradually turned towards freight-related customers; TNT, FedEx, UPS, XP-Aviation and so on. The F-27 aircraft were converted to freighters (Class E Cargo version) and for some years cargo flights were the company's sole activity. However, Star Air never established its own distribution network, instead it sold its capacity as charter or sub-charter.

By 1993 the market rate for charters of freighter aircraft of the Fokker F27 size had fallen to an unacceptably low level and the dismantling of the fleet was initiated. The administration, operations and navigation departments were taken over by Maersk Air and Star Air took up passenger flying again.

Meanwhile, UPS, (United Parcel Service), due to lack of traffic rights within the EU - found itself in need of a local operator to carry out the flights it could not operate itself. Star Air was in contention to become UPS's partner within the EU, but lost out to Sterling Airways who already operated Boeing 727's and had an FAA-approved maintenance organisation. However, Sterling Airways went bankrupt shortly before commencing the UPS operation and thus it became Star Air who set up UPS's new European operation, using aircraft leased from UPS.

On 22 October 1993, Star Air entered into a contract with UPS for the operation of two Boeing 727s. The first flights began only 10 days after the signing of the contract.

The last remaining Star Air Fokker F27 was sold in 1996, leaving Star Air 100% engaged in the UPS operation. At the end of July 2004, the last B727 were returned to UPS and four routes were operated by Star Air with a fleet of four Boeing 757s.

During 2003 Star Air and UPS entered into a new contractual agreement. From 2005 Star Air gradually placed 11 Boeing 767-200SF (Special Freighter) and 1 Boeing 767-300 in service with UPS, each aircraft on an individual 10 year lease. The 757PFs was returned to UPS.

When A P Moller - Maersk in 2005 sold Maersk Air, Star Air remained as an independent entity within the A P Moller - Maersk group. About 195 are employed full-time - most mechanics and pilots are based in Cologne, Germany, where UPS has its main European hub.


Star Air Boeing 767-200

The Star Air fleet includes the following aircraft (as of March 2014):[1]

Star Air
Aircraft In fleet Order Passengers Notes
Boeing 767-200SF 12 0 Cargo
Total 12 0

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