Star Awards 2006

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Star Awards 2006
Genre Variety Special
Presented by CEREMONY:
Guo Liang
Patty Hou
Mark Lee
Jeff Wang
Christina Lim
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Mandarin
Original network MediaCorp Channel 8
Original release 10 December 2006
Preceded by Star Awards 2005
Followed by Star Awards 2007
Related shows Star Awards

Star Awards 2006 is a television awards ceremony telecast in 2006 as part of the annual Star Awards organised by MediaCorp for MediaCorp TV Channel 8.


The ceremony was held on 10 December 2006 in Singapore and was hosted by Guo Liang and Taiwanese host Patty Hou. This was the first in thirteen years that the award ceremony was not held at Caldecott Hill (with the exception of year 1996). Instead, the award ceremony was held at St James Power Station (a pub near VivoCity) for the very first time. Star Awards 2006 was divided into 3 distinct parts - the Walk of Fame, the actual awards ceremony and the post event party.

A half-hour variety show, named Star Awards Up-close was also produced, and ended its run on 5 December 2006. The show had a total of 8 episodes and was telecast every Tuesday night at 8.30pm starting end October. Weekly popularity results for the Top 10 Male and Female awards were announced in the show. In each episode, there were also 'side awards' such as Best Dressed actress, Most Handsome actor, Best On-screen Couple given out.

There were many surprises to the nomination list, including nominees such as Kelvin Tan, Candyce Toh and Chew Sin Huey, who are singers and they were nominated for the popularity awards. Many audience did not expect them to be nominated. Instead, actors and actresses such as Jeff Wang, Eelyn Kok and some other artistes had created much surprise that they were not even nominated in the popularity awards though they had many good shows to act in. Aileen Tan was one surprise, because she had 2 lead roles to act in and she was not nominated for a single award. Many people had expected her to be nominated for Best Actress and the popularity award. Nevertheless, her detractors have claimed that she has taken on stereotype roles, particular that of fierce, angry and constantly screaming characters too many times, which could have impacted her nomination chances.

This year's Top 10 Male and Female awards would have to undergo a strict calculation under the rule of 50-50 before awarding an award to the MediaCorp artiste. An artiste who receives a score that is in the Top 10 scores, they would win the popularity award. The 50-50 rule means that 50% of the score comes from telepoll votes, while the other 50% of the score comes from a survey supposely done in August by some 600 Singaporeans. The survey conducted in August was much to the advantage to the new artistes who appeared in shows screened at that time. Actor Christopher Lee who was involved in drink driving and hit-and run accident in October was also not affected since the nomination list came from the August survey. Top 10 results that are announced during the Star Awards Up-close only account for 50% of the total score as that is only telepoll votes. Though some Singaporeans said that this is an effective method, rumours had been circulating that the 50-50 rule was said to be done just for Kelvin Tan Wei Lian because he had lost out some votes in the survey category.

There were also many surprises to the results, when MediaCorp announced it on the actual day of the Star Awards. The first surprise was the Best Supporting Actress award, which went to Hong Huifang. She beat down hot favourite Constance Song for this award. Third time winner Huang Yiliang won the Best Supporting Actor award, again beating down hot favourite Shaun Chen. Yiliang went on to say some things that were not in favour of the audience, resulting in complains by the audience to MediaCorp. The Best Actor and Best Actress awards went to unexpected winners Li Nanxing and Ivy Lee respectively. Qi Yuwu was all along the favourite to win the Best Actor award, but he did not do so. It was the same situation for Ann Kok when she was tipped as the favourite for the Best Actress award.

Other surprises include: Jacelyn Tay (touted as third Ah Jie second to Zoe and Fann), Joanne Peh, Michelle Chong, Chen Hanwei and Terence Cao being eliminated from the Top 10 Popularity awards this year. Some of them were leading in telepoll votes even till the half an hour before the results were announced to be upsurged suddenly by artistes such as Kym Ng and Gurmit Singh only when the final ten were announced. They were replaced by Felicia Chin, Fiona Xie, Jesseca Liu, Elvin Ng and Chen Weilian. Tung Soo Hua scored a hat trick by getting the Best News Presenter award for the third consecutive time, Chen Weilian winning the Most Popular Newcomer award (Elvin Ng was the favourite).


All Winners are highlighted in bold.

All Time Favourite Award 超级红星奖[edit]

Best Actor: (最佳男主角)[edit]

Best Actress: (最佳女主角)[edit]

Best Supporting Actor: (最佳男配角)[edit]

Best Supporting Actress: (最佳女配角)[edit]

Best Variety Show Host: (最佳综艺主持人)[edit]

Best Chinese Language News Presenter: (最佳新闻播报/时事主持人)[edit]

  • Lin Chi Yuan (林启元)
  • Ng Siew Leng (黄秀玲)
  • Serene Loo (吕诗琳)
  • Tung Soo Hua (董素华)
  • Zhao Wenbei (赵文蓓)

Best Drama: (最佳电视剧)[edit]

Best Variety Programme: (最佳综艺节目)[edit]

Best Variety Special: (最佳综艺特备节目)[edit]

Young Talent Award: (青苹果奖)[edit]

Best Theme Song: (最佳主题曲)[edit]

Best Info-Ed Programme: (最佳资讯节目)[edit]

  • Art Of War (孙子智慧)
  • Of Rites And Rituals (我们的大日子)
  • TR Report: Good Man Good Deed 2 (特写:好人好事2)
  • TR Report: Heirloom Recipe V (特写:家传菜5 - 异国风味)
  • Y Do You Care! (惊叹号!)

Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes 十大最受欢迎男艺人[edit]

Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes 十大最受欢迎女艺人[edit]

Most Popular Newcomer Award (最受欢迎新人)[edit]

Top 10 Highest Viewership Dramas Award (十大最高收视录电视剧)[edit]

Celebrity Presenters[edit]


Star Awards 2006 received many negative comments from the viewers, most of which highlighted the technical problems and lack of management in handling the awards ceremony.

Examples of said criticisms are:

  • During the awards ceremony, there were many jokes made by guest stars that were not found amusing. In fact, many of the viewers found the show boring as MediaCorp prevented fans from entering the pub. They were made to stand outside.
  • Many found the venue to be extremely small and to be not suitable for award ceremonies. The artistes had to squeeze with one another, with not much walking space left.
  • There were many technical problems and glitches causing misinformation and disruption in speeches (lack of sound control). The camera crew was also found to be unsatisfactory.
  • Lack of time management caused artistes like Tay Ping Hui to extend their speeches, making it unnecessarily long. In the end, the show ended halfway during Bryan Wong's (host) speech. There was no time for a proper conclusion.
  • MediaCorp had no effectiveness in red carpet control. There was supposed to have been two sections: the mosh pit and free standing area. However, they allowed people who received free standing tickets to enter the mosh pit area. This was unfair for the people who had queued overnight.


Award Category Result
Star Awards 2007 红星大奖2007 Best Variety Special 最佳综艺特备节目 Won

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