Star Awards for Best Newcomer

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Star Awards for Best Newcomer
Star Awards 2015
Awarded for Best Performance by a MediaCorp Newcomer in His/Her Respective Field of Profession
Country Singapore
Presented by MediaCorp
First awarded 1994
Currently held by Aloysius Pang 冯伟衷 (2015)

The Star Awards for Best Newcomer is an award presented annually at the Star Awards, a ceremony that was established in 1994.

The category was introduced in 1994, at the 1st Star Awards ceremony as two separate awards; Yao Wenlong received the award as the Most Popular Male Newcomer award while Ivy Lee received the Most Popular Female Newcomer award and both were given in honour of a MediaCorp male and female newcomer who were deemed as the most popular among the television audience. The nominees are determined by a team of judges employed by MediaCorp; winners are selected by a majority vote from the public via telephone and SMS text voting. Between 1995 and 2006, the category eliminated the distinctions between male and female newcomers and was given as a single award under the name of Most Popular Newcomer.

From 2007, the award went through a major revamp and was renamed as Best Newcomer. It was changed from being a popularity award to a professional award, and is given in honour of a MediaCorp newcomer who has delivered an outstanding performance in their field of profession. Similar to the Most Popular Newcomer award, the nominees are determined by a team of judges employed by MediaCorp; but the winners are selected by a majority vote from the entire judging panel. Pornsak is the first winner of the newly revamped category.

The nominees for this award were selected without any reference to their respective work titles – with the exception of 1995, 1997, 1998, 2012, and 2013, whereby the newcomers were nominated together with the work titles which establish the public identity of the newcomers thereafter.

The award was not presented in 2003, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2016 and 2017 due to the lack of eligible nominees.

Since its inception, the award has been given to 18 newcomers. Aloysius Pang is the most recent winner in this category.


Year Newcomer Title (role) Nominees
1994 Yao Wenlong 姚彣隆 N/A TBC
Ivy Lee 李锦梅 N/A
1995 Fann Wong 范文芳 Chronicle of Life 缘尽今生
(Fang Ling 方玲)
  • Bernard Tan 陈川之 — Bond of Love 情网 (TBC)
  • Michelle Chia 谢韵仪 — Strange Encounters 3 奇缘3之灶神 (TBC)
  • Thomas Ong 王沺裁 — Love at Last 真心男儿 (TBC)
  • Raymond Yong 杨信权 — Chronicle of Life 缘尽今生 (TBC)
1996 Phyllis Quek 郭妃丽 N/A
1997 James Lye 赖兴祥 N/A
1998 Evelyn Tan 陈毓芸 A Place to Call Home 薯条汉堡青春豆
  • Jerry Chang 常铖 — The New Adventures of Wisely 卫斯理传奇 (Qi Bai 齐白 / Da Wei 大卫)
  • Henry Chong 钟应时 — Starting Point 青春列车 (TBC)
  • Amanda Ho 何芸珊 — Starting Point 青春列车 (TBC)
  • Huang Feixiang 黄飞翔 — The Test of Time 三年零八个月 (TBC)
  • Huang Guoliang 黄国良 — Starting Point 青春列车 (TBC)
  • Andi Lim 林伟文 — Starting Point 青春列车 (TBC)
  • Yvonne Lim 林湘萍 — Starting Point 青春列车 (TBC)
  • Michelle Liu 刘铃铃 — Starting Point 青春列车 (TBC)
  • Vincent Ng 翁清海 — Sword and Honour 铁血男儿 (TBC)
  • Joey Swee 徐绮 — The Test of Time 三年零八个月 (Zhou Ailing 周爱菱)
  • Florence Tan 陈秀丽 — Immortal Love 不老传说 (Fang Jiawen 方嘉文 / Lu Wenyan 卢文烟 / Qiu Wenfeng 邱文凤)
  • Sean Tang 陈思恩 — A Place to Call Home 薯条汉堡青春豆 (TBC)
  • Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉 — On the Edge: Mr Personality 边缘档案之风度翩翩先生 (TBC)
1999 Nick Shen 沈炜竣 My Grandpa 公公,你的名字好难叫
  • Apple Hong 洪乙心 — P.I. Blues 乌龙档案 (Chen Anqi 陈安琪)
  • Carol Tham 谭淑君 — My Grandpa 公公,你的名字好难叫 (TBC)
  • Samantha Toh 卓淑怡 — P.I. Blues 乌龙档案 (Deng Jiali 邓家丽)
2000 Dasmond Koh 许振荣 N/A
2001 Fiona Xie 谢宛谕 N/A
  • Bukoh Mary 巫许玛莉
  • Gan Woan Wen 颜婉雯
  • Michelle Liow 廖莹莹
  • Pierre Png 方展发
  • John Wong 王德远
2002 Jeanette Aw 欧萱 N/A
  • Zully Le 乐瑶
  • Lim Leng Kee 林灵芝
  • Jaime Teo 赵彩聆
  • Allan Wu 吴振天
2004 Joanne Peh 白薇秀 N/A
2005 Jesseca Liu 刘子绚 N/A
  • Julian Hee 许立桦
  • Ezann Lee 李之仪
  • Christina Lin 林佩芬
  • Serene Loo 吕诗琳
2006 Kelvin Tan 陈伟联 N/A
2007 Pornsak N/A
2009 Dai Xiangyu 戴向宇 N/A
2012 Kate Pang 庞蕾馨 A Tale of 2 Cities 乐在双城
(Lin Le 林乐)
2013 Ian Fang 方伟杰 Don't Stop Believin' 我们等你
(Bai Zhixiang 白志翔)
2015 Aloysius Pang 冯伟衷 N/A

^[I] Each year is linked to the article about the Star Awards held that year.


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