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Star Awards for
Best News Story
Star Awards 2017
Awarded forBest Performance by a Mediacorp Journalist in a News Story
Presented byMediacorp
First awarded2001
Currently held byAng Poh Ling 洪宝玲 and Lu Yawen 陆雅雯 (2017)

The Best News Story is an award presented annually at the Star Awards, a ceremony that was established in 1994.

The category was introduced in 2001, at the 8th Star Awards ceremony; Zhu Hong received the award for her performance and it is given in honour of a Mediacorp presenter who has delivered an outstanding performance in a news programme. The nominees are determined by a team of judges employed by Mediacorp; winners are selected by a majority vote from the entire judging panel.

Since its inception, the award has been given to sixteen journalists. Lip was the most recent winner in this category. Since the ceremony held in 2016, Evelyn Lam is also the only journalist to win in this category thrice, surpassing Ng Lian Cheong and Chen Meiling who all have two wins each. In addition, Ng has been nominated on four occasions, more than any other journalist. Hu Jielan holds the record for the most nominations without a win, with three.


Year Journalists
2001 Zhu Hong 朱荭
Yang Shulian 杨淑莲
2002 Wu Jinfeng 吴金凤
2003 Chen Meiling 陈美玲
2005 Serene Loo 吕诗琳
2006 Huang Zhihao 黄志豪
2007 Cai Shuxian 蔡淑贤
2009 Cheng Zhaojie 程照杰
2010 Ng Lian Cheong 吴俍㬕
2011 Evelyn Lam 蓝丽婷
2014 Lim Wee Leng 林伟玲
2015 Ng Lian Cheong 吴俍㬕
2016 Lip Kwok Wai 聂国威
2017 Ang Poh Ling 洪宝玲 and Lu Yawen 陆雅雯

^[I] Each year is linked to the article about the Star Awards held that year.

Category facts[edit]

Most wins
Rank 1st 2nd
Journalist Evelyn Lam Chen Meiling
Ng Lian Cheong
Total wins 3 wins 2 wins
Most nominations
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Journalists Ng Lian Cheong Lip Kwok Wai Evelyn Lam Hu Jielan
Chng Kheng Leng
Liang Kaixin
Seet Sok Hwee
Total nominations 7 nominations 6 nominations 4 nominations 3 nominations 2 nominations


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