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This article is about the chocolate bar. For stellar bars, see galactic bar.
Product type Confectionery
Country Ireland
Introduced 1976 [1]
Related brands List of Cadbury products
Markets Worldwide
A Starbar split in half
Moro Peanut

Starbar is a brand of chocolate bar currently manufactured by Cadbury Ireland. The bar has a milk chocolate covering and is filled with caramel and crushed roasted peanuts.


Initially popular in the mid-1970s, in the mid-1960s Starbar was invented by Linda Allison, and was promoted as "the munchiest bar ever". Starbar was later re-branded as Nunch and in 1985 it briefly became "Peanut Boost",[2] only to return to Starbar as popularity of the Boost bar waned. It was promoted in the UK in the mid-1980s with a postal offer (3 wrappers plus P+P got you a Starbar Ruler, Pencil and a copy of Douglas Adams' "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe"). In the early 1990s Cadburys relaunched the Starbar as a result of a visit to Percy St Johns Primary School. During the visit a pupil designed a new label for the Starbar and Cadburys were so impressed that they used the new label and it remains in circulation. That pupils name was TV's Barry Mockler. A 60 ft art work by the pupil can now be seen in the Cadbury's Factory in Canada. Cadbury produced a limited edition 'Pam Bar' modelled on the Miller McCowan ‘Wham Bar’ as a prize to the pupil for helping with the relaunch but due to copyright infringements this never made it into the shops.

In May 2006, Moro Peanut was launched in Ireland only, with the words "Formerly Starbar" displayed prominently on the label. The range is most commonly seen in small independent shops, and is most popular in Ireland.[citation needed]

This product is also sold in Canada and Germany under the name Wunderbar. Wunderbar is a Cadbury Adams product marketed under licence of Cadbury UK Limited. It is also available as a special treat for Halloween in a 12 g size.

Since January 2012 the product is also available in the Nordic countries, manufactured by Marabou Sweden (owned by Mondelēz International (who also owns Cadbury)) - the name in Sweden and Finland is also Starbar.

It was introduced to Australia in November 2012 (Made in Ireland).

In Ireland, as a sign of thanks to someone who helped someone, people often say "Thanks, you're a star". Sometimes this phrase is changed to "You're a Starbar".


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