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Star Cross'd Destiny
Author(s) Blair B
Genre(s) Fantasy

Star Cross'd Destiny or SXD is a webcomic written by "Juno" Blair B and based on her novel StarCrossed Destiny. It follows the anti-hero Juno and her friends, outcasts from society forced to band together to survive in mob society New Orleans.

It is set in New Orleans in the near future. Juno and her friends have each been granted different elemental powers and are outcasts from society. They discovered their powers shortly after the Betaverse attack on planet Earth, an event which only they seem to remember. The story deals in depth with aspects of predestination and fate, with Juno being fated to save a world she hates.

The art style of Star Cross'd Destiny is an unusual blend of Japanese manga and anime, traditional American comic book art, and atmospheric photo-manipulations. The story comes from a lengthy novel that Blair penned in 1999, revised in 2001, and later decided would be better realized in graphic novel form. On the web all illustrations are in full color, but the first volume print version is in grayscale. Star Cross'd Destiny is being released for distribution in color in late 2009 starting with a reprint of Volume 1, The Fated.

In 2005, the comic won the award for 'Outstanding Dramatic Comic' in the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards.[1]

On November 20, 2009 the comic went on hiatus, with the author writing that she would instead focus on her band, Absinthe Junk.[2][3] The comic returned to regular updates in January 2013.

The Cast[edit]

Alphaverse Controllers[edit]

Juno Mijunkuro: Juno is the main character in Star Cross'd Destiny, yielding the primary power of air and the secondary power of metaphysical darkness. Outcast since the awakening of her power when she was fourteen, Juno is vengeful, independent, and much older than her nineteen years make her appear. Shortly before her power's awakening her parents were brutally murdered by two controllers of the Betaverse, a parasitic verse, and that is about the only thing she remembers about them. Juno has many outstanding debts with the Cajun Mafia and is wanted by the police.

Shades McKerrean: Shades is the beholder of Light and his secondary power is Regeneration. Shades is the light behind Juno's eyes. Meeting shortly after the first attack, Shades took in Juno and they shortly became best friends. Shades gained his nickname by Juno who at first couldn't pronounce his Irish name through her thick Japanese accent. On the streets since he was kicked out by his family due to his strange power over light he has become tough and menacing to those that didn't know him. His eyes, however, always gave him away. He talks way too much and usually drives Juno crazy, making them the comic relief of the book.

Samantha Vasquez: Sam yields the power of fire the secondary power of time. Sam is best known throughout the story for her wit and psychism. Controlling the flame, she has a fighting and persistent spirit. She is very stubborn but not nearly as stubborn as her usual target of accusation Juno. Sam and Juno met shortly after the first attack and they quickly became best friends though it's hard to tell if they're really more enemies than friends. Sam is constantly in Juno's business, trying to make her realize the obvious trials she's putting herself through. She is a very strong character despite her losses. She lives in the Marigny district close to Pike and cares for her mother.

Pike Piri: Pike is the beholder of water and secondary beholder of ice or more accurately the ability to alternate temperature in her aura. Pike is probably the most level-headed of the group. The perfect definition of a human super-soaker, Pike, beholder of water, has been Juno's friend more years than Juno even knows. Pike's sister died to save her when the Betaverse broke through, her father died shortly thereafter from complications from the attack, and Pike's mother committed suicide shortly thereafter after losing her sanity, leaving Pike with a burning vengeance that dwells deep within her soul (something only few people know about). Unlike Juno Pike remembers everything about the attack. She inherited her house which rests quietly in the Marigny District. Carefree and happy, Pike is Juno's mother-figure, accepting her need for solitude but also her need for help.

Sara Heath: Sara is the behold of Energy or Ether. Sara is a minor character but is among the main group. A constant whiner and quite cowardly, she was the dubbed early on as group airhead and completely ignorant to it. Not usually the type to hang out with Juno and her friends, Sara ran with the more popular types, her powers only known by the four others she trusted.

Other Characters[edit]

Rheanna: Rheanna is one of Juno's non-powered friends and one of her partners in crime. Juno often runs away from the group to seek refuge with Rheanna and Ben (another non-powered) away from all the stress. Rheanna, Ben, Juno, and Shades usually find themselves in trouble when they're together.

Ben: Ben is a waiter at Deril's Diner, the French Quarter hangout Juno frequents. Unlike Juno's friend Rheanna, Ben has no idea of Juno's powers or any of her friends. Ben is usually a fellow instigator in Juno's grand schemes along with Rheanna but is usually the one who doesn't get caught. Ben does not have powers.


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