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Star Games was a television series which ran in weekly syndication from September 7, 1985 to March 1, 1986. It featured teams of actors representing various American TV shows competing in sports events. The events the teams competed in included swim sprints and relays, kayaking, track sprints and relays, a bicycle relay, and an "Apache Relay" obstacle course.

The show ran for two sets of 13 episodes, or "seasons". The host throughout was former Olympic decathlon champion and actor Bruce Jenner. Pamela Sue Martin co-hosted for Season One, while Season Two had Morgan Brittany. Former American football player and actor Dick Butkus served as the show's "Special Referee".

The series was similar in presentation to Battle of the Network Stars, and debuted only four months after the 18th Special aired. The program was distributed by Viacom, now CBS Television Distribution.


Season One[edit]

The first season was won by a team representing Falcon Crest, with a team from General Hospital finishing second. Other strong-performing teams from the first season included Days of Our Lives, Still the Beaver, and a combined team from Fame/Gimme a Break!.

Season Two[edit]

The second season was won by a team from Santa Barbara. The runners-up were a combined team from Charlie & Co./Love Boat. Other notable teams from the second season included Dynasty, The Brady Bunch, Hollywood Beat, Growing Pains, Dallas, and a combined team representing The Insiders/Miss Universe, as well as a team representing the cast from the three Porky's movies, including Scott Columby, Wyatt Knight and Wendy Feign.

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