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Star Hellas, Miss Hellas, Miss Young
Σταρ Ελλάς, Μις Ελλάς, Μις Γιάνγκ
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Formation 1929
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Athens
Miss Universe
Miss World
Miss International
Miss Earth
Official language
National Director
Vassilis Prevelakis

Star Hellas (Greek: Σταρ Ελλάς, Μις Ελλάς, Μις Γιάνγκ) is a national Beauty pageant in Greece.

The Star Hellas, Miss Hellas, Miss Young, title is a trademark for Vassilis Prevelakis and Associates E.E.

George Prevelakis, the founder of the company was the driving force behind the Hellenic Beauty Pageant since the late 1960s. From then onwards, he was closely associated with the pageant till his death in 2006. In the early 1980s the then owner of the pageant, the Apogevmatini newspaper, decided to pull out of the pageant and transferred the rights to George Prevelakis. George Prevelakis later founded a company (Vassilis Prevelakis and Associates E.E.), together with his son, Vassilis, and transferred the rights to the pageant to the new company. Vassilis Prevelakis and Associates E.E. has been the legal owner of the pageant and is the national director of the well known international pageants such as Miss World, Miss Universe[citation needed].


Katerina Evaggelinou, Miss Hellas 2007

In the 1970s and early 1980s the pageant was aired every year from the Ellinikí Radiofonía Tileórasi. From 1990 to 2010, it was funded and aired on Greece's private network ANT1.

Because of the Greek financial crisis, ΑΝΤ1 did not fund the 2011 pageant which had the form of a low-key private casting and was not aired.[1] In 2012 the Star Hellas organizers staged a comeback by teaming with Internet site TLife which became responsible for the publicity of the event and for airing live over the Internet.[2]


Boldface indicates winner of the Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Europe or Other pageants

Color key
  •      Declared as winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Star Hellas represents her country at the Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Between 2011, 2013 and 2014 due to economic issues, Star Hellas Organization had selected the delegates to the Miss Universe and Miss World while it absent at the Miss International. The following is a list of all Star Hellas titleholders since 1929.

Star Hellas[edit]

  • Miss Universe Greece
Year Star Hellas Placement Special Awards Notes
1929 Aspasie Karatza WINNER Miss Greece 1929
1930 Aliki Diplarakou WINNER Miss Europe 1930
1931 Chrissoula Rodi
1952 Ntaizy Mavraki 2nd Runner-up
1953 Doreta Xirou Unplaced
1954 Rika Diallina Top 16
1955 Sonia Zoidou (el) Unplaced
1956 Rita Gouma Top 16
1957 Lygia Karavia Top 16
1958 Marily Kalimopoulou Top 16
1959 Zoitsa Kouroukli Top 16
1960 Magda Pasaloglou Top 16
1961 Ria Deloutsi (el) Unplaced Miss Congeniality
1962 Christina Apostolou Unplaced
1963 Despina Orgeta Unplaced
1964 Corinna Tsopei WINNER Miss Universe 1964
1965 Aspa Theologitou Top 16
1966 Katia Balafouta Unplaced
1967 Elya Kalogeraki (el) Top 16 Miss Photogenic
1968 Miranda Zafeiropoulou Top 16
1969 Elena Alexopoulou Unplaced
1970 Vivi Alexopoulou 4th Runner-up Also, Miss Europe 1970
1971 Gogo Atzoletaki (el) Unplaced Also, Miss Europe Greece 1971
1972 Nancy Kapetanaki Unplaced
1973 Vana Papadaki Top 15 Miss Universe 1973 held in Greece
1975 Afroditi Katsouli Unplaced
1976 Christiana Kavroudaki Unplaced
1977 Maria Spantidaki Unplaced Also, Miss Europe Greece 1978
1978 Marieta Kountouraki Unplaced
1979 Katia Koukidou Unplaced
1980 Roula Kanellopoulou Unplaced
1981 Maria Nikoúli Unplaced
1982 Tina Roussou 3rd Runner-up
1983 Plousia Farfaraki Unplaced Also, Miss Intercontinental Greece 1983
1984 Peggy Dogani Unplaced
1985 Sabina Damianidou Unplaced
1986 Vasileia Mantaki Unplaced
1987 Xenia Pantazi Unplaced
1988 Tereza Liakou Did not compete Withdrew at the Miss Universe 1988
1989 Christiana Latani Unplaced
1990 Tzeni Balatsinou Unplaced
1991 Marina Poupou Unplaced
1992 Marina Tsintikidou WINNER Miss Europe 1992
1993 Christina Manousi Unplaced
1994 Rea Toutounzi Top 10
1995 Eleni Papaioannou Unplaced
1996 Nina Georgala Unplaced
1997 Elina Zisi Unplaced
1998 Dimitra Eginiti Unplaced
1999 Sofia Rapti Unplaced
2000 Nancy Tzoulaki Unplaced
2001 Evelina Papantoniou 1st Runner-up
2002 Lena Paparigopoulou Unplaced
2003 Marietta Chrousala Top 15
2004 Valia Kakouti Unplaced Miss Europe Greece 2005
2005 Evagelia Aravani Top 15
2006 Olympia Chopsonidou Unplaced Also, Miss Europe Greece 2006
2007 Doukissa Nomikou Unplaced
2008 Dionysia Koukiou Unplaced
2009 Viviana Kampanile Unplaced
2010 Anna Prelevic Unplaced
2011 Iliana Papageorgiou[3] Unplaced
2012 Vasiliki Tsirogianni[4] Unplaced
2013 Anastasia Sidiropoulou Unplaced Former Miss Teen World 2010
2014 Ismini Dafopoulou Unplaced
2015 Mikaela Fotiadis Unplaced Miss Europe World 2016

Miss Hellas[edit]

  • Miss World Greece
Year B Miss Hellas Placement Special Awards Notes
1952 Virginia Petimezaki 2nd Runner-up Miss Europe Greece 1952
1953 Antuaneta Rontopoulou Unplaced Miss Europe Greece 1953
1954 Efi Mela 2nd Runner-up
1955 Julia Coumoundourou 2nd Runner-up
1956 NO MISS HELLAS FROM 1956-1983
1984 Vana Barba (el) Unplaced
1985 Epi Galanou Unplaced
1986 Anna Kechagia Unplaced
1987 Eleni Moskiou Did not compete
1988 Ariadni Mylona Unplaced Also, Miss Europe Greece 1988
1989 Katerina Petropoulou Unplaced
1990 Sofia Lafkioti Unplaced
1991 Myriam Panagou Unplaced
1992 Evgenia Paschalidi Unplaced
1993 Maria Delou Unplaced
1994 Evi Adam Top 15
1995 Mairi Moziki Unplaced
1996 Irene Skliva WINNER Miss World 1996
1997 Evgenia Limantzaki Unplaced
1998 Katia Margaritoglou Unplaced
1999 Evi Vatidou Unplaced
2000 Eleni Skafida Did not compete
2001 Valentini Daskaloudi Unplaced
2002 Katerina Georgiadou Unplaced
2003 Vasiliki Tsekoura Top 15
2004 Maria Spiridaki Unplaced
2005 Katerina Stikoudi Unplaced
2006 Irini Karra Unplaced
2007 Katerina Evaggelinou Unplaced
2008 Aggeliki Kalaitzi Unplaced
2009 Alkisti Anyfanti Unplaced
2010 Manto Gasteratou Unplaced
2011 Eleni Miariti Unplaced
2012 Athina Pikraki[5] Unplaced
2014 Eleni Kokkinou Unplaced
2015 Katerina Galiatsatou Did not compete

B Star Hellas[edit]

  • Miss International Greece
Year B Star Hellas Placement Special Awards Notes
1952 Haroula Georgantza Did not compete
1953 Ermina Damaskou Did not compete
1954 Efi Androulakaki Did not compete
1955 NO B STAR HELLAS FROM 1955-1983
1984 Zoi Elmalioti (el) 3rd Runner-up Miss Europe Greece 1985
1986 Aphroditi Panagiotou Unplaced
1987 Peggy Thanopoulou Unplaced
1988 Vassiliki Gerothodorou Unplaced
1989 Maria Doridou Did not compete
1990 Irini Stefanou Unplaced
1991 Dimitra Papadogianni Unplaced
1992 Georgia Drosou 1st Runner-up
1993 Eleni Zambaka Did not compete
1994 Christina Lekka WINNER Miss International 1994
1995 Maria Pavli Top 15
1996 Rania Lykoudi Top 15
1997 Vanessa Stavrou Unplaced
1998 Eleni Pliatsika Unplaced
1999 Pinelopi Lentzou Unplaced
2000 Alexandra Ousta Did not compete
2001 Fotini Kokari Unplaced
2002 Stella Giaboura Unplaced
2003 Lina Zaproudi Top 15
2004 Olga Kypriotou Top 15
2005 Potoula Perimeni Unplaced
2006 Julia Alexandratou Withdrew Due to personal reasons
2007 Antonia Kallimoukou Did not compete
2008 Ria Antoniou Unplaced Miss Earth Greece 2008
2009 Diana Igropoulou (el) Unplaced
2010 Maria Tsagaraki Unplaced Also, Miss World Greece 2012
2012 Eutixia Lazarou Withdrew Due to lack sponsorship
2013 NO B STAR HELLAS FROM 2013-2014
2015 Spyridoula Valasiadou Did not compete

B Miss Hellas[edit]

  • Miss Europe Greece
Year B Miss Hellas Placement Special Awards Notes
1953 Alexandra Ladikou (el) 1st Runner-up Miss World Greece 1953
1954 Julia Stamiti Did not compete
1955 NO B MISS HELLAS FROM 1955-1990
1991 Elina Kefi Did not compete
1992 NO B MISS HELLAS FROM 1992-1999
2000 Dimitra Kitsiou Unplaced Miss International Greece 2000
2001 Eleftheria Pantelidaki Top 10
2002 Georgia Micha Top 10
2003 Katerina Kariotou Did not compete
2004 Axia Andreadaki Did not compete
2005 Nikoletta Ralli WINNER Miss Tourism Queen International 2005
2006 Elena Asimakopoulou Did not compete
2007 Despina Vlepaki 1st Runner-up Miss International Greece 2007
2008 Sofia Roditi Unplaced Miss International Greece 2008
2009 Margarita Papandreou Did not compete
2010 Eleonora Bretz Did not compete
2012 Christina Georgopoulou Did not compete
2013 NO B MISS HELLAS FROM 2013-2015

International winners[edit]


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