Star Keys

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Star Keys
Motuhope (Moriori/Māori)
Chatham-Islands map topo en.svg
Map showing location of Star Keys
Coordinates 44°13′18″S 176°00′11″W / 44.2217°S 176.003°W / -44.2217; -176.003
Archipelago Chatham Islands

The Star Keys are group of five rocky islets in the Chatham Archipelago, about 12 kilometres (7 mi) east of Pitt Island They are called Motuhope in Moriori and Māori.[1] The archipelago is part of New Zealand, whose South Island lies 800 kilometres (497 mi) to the west.

The largest of the Star Keys is Round Islet.


  1. ^ Government of New Zealand, Dept. of Conservation (1999) Chatham IslandsConservation Management Strategy, map 6. Accessed on 2012-07-13.

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Coordinates: 44°13′18″S 176°00′11″W / 44.2217°S 176.003°W / -44.2217; -176.003