Star Legend

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Star Legend
Star Legend cover
Designer(s) Dai Akagane, F.E.A.R.
Publisher(s) Enterbrain, Game Field
Publication date 2004
Genre(s) Science Fiction
System(s) custom

Star Legend (スターレジェンド?) is a Japanese space opera role-playing game released in 2004.

After the galactic catastrophe (called Dai-waikyoku (大歪曲 lit. Great distortion?)), mankind lost great technology and interstellar civilization. At last, mankind had forgotten a presence of Earth, their birthplace planet.

Player characters are called "Retainers". Retainers seek humanity's ancestral planet, the Earth like as E. C. Tubb's Dumarest saga or Isaac Asimov's Foundation and Earth. A name of "retainer" means that he/she retains a qualification and abilities to find Earth. Retainers' foe are named "Removers". Removers are trying to remove the memories and presence of Earth and prevent searching for it.

The setting includes Galactic empire, interstellar police, space pirates, many planets that have strange cultures and environments and other science fiction gadgets. Many of the settings come from westerns and Japanese science fiction.