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Presented by Rainer Holbe
Country of origin Germany
Original language(s) German
No. of episodes 50
Running time 90 minutes
Original network ZDF
Picture format 4:3
Original release March 14, 1968 (1968-03-14) – June 5, 1980 (1980-06-05)

Starparade is a West German music television programme, which aired on ZDF from March 14, 1968 to June 5, 1980, and was hosted by Rainer Holbe, along with James Last and his orchestra who founded his world-wide success on the show.


Star parade was an elaborate music show which was filmed in different venues across Germany. Each show was broadcast for approximately 90 minute and showcased different music and short interviews with the artists, many of whom were international stars, as well as more local to Germany and reflected the international reach of the programme that was sold to various broadcasters outside of Germany. Initially, Starparade was scheduled for Saturday night, but was later moved to Thursday. The series was initially due to be filmed in Colour, but the first 13 episodes were transmitted in Black and white. These Black and White recordings with the exception of the first episode have been lost and are no longer in the ZDF archive.

Choice of music[edit]

The Starparade, true to its name, featured popularly, sometimes internationally famous acts, who would usually sing multiple songs. It featured domestic stars like Heino alongside international artists such as Johnny Cash, Boney M, Neil Diamond and ABBA. Alongside this, James Last's orchestra played instrumentals, at times even classical music. Every show also featured the official television ballet ensemble, which performed at least two dances, such that every show began with the opening music by Last's orchestra and a dance.

Episode 14 ( 30/9/1971) featured Max Greger and his orchestra

Special edition[edit]

During the 1975 International Broadcasting Exhibition, a consumer electronics fair held annually in Berlin, digital technology made it possible to exhibit the show on a wall of TV screens, with each screen contributing a fraction to the complete picture.

Scottish Television[edit]

In 1979 Scottish Television acquired the UK rights to the series. STV repackage Star parade with all the German compere being taken out and new English continuity added in. Each episode was 60 minutes long and were screened from 1979 - 1985 by each of the 15 ITV companies in the United kingdom.

2013 re broadcasts[edit]

On 19 August 2013 ZDFKultur channel in Germany, started to re broadcast the Starparade series, and started with episode 14, featuring Max Greger instead of James Last

Episodes broadcast on ZDF[edit]

ZDF Broadcast date Episode Guest
14.03.1968 01 Tatjana Iwanow, Nino Rossi, Ivan Rebroff
19.09.1968 02 Siw Malmkvist, Dorthe, France Gall, Peggy March, Graham Bonney
12.12.1968 03 Graham Bonney, Paola Del Medico, Rex Gildo, Heino, The Beach Boys, Marion, Salomé, Vico Torriani, Vice Vukov, Gerhard Wendland
06.03.1969 04 Roy Black, Manuela, Barry Ryan
05.06.1969 05
04.09.1969 06 Antoine, Vicky Leandros, Roberto Blanco, Hubert, Renate & Werner Leismann, Peter & Alex, Wolfgang Sauer, Tonia, The Young Generation
11.12.1969 07 France Gall, Christian Anders, Gitte
05.03.1970 08 Cindy & Bert, Joe Dassin, Karel Gott, Dagmar Koller, Manuela, Edina Pop, Barry Ryan, Paul Ryan, Ambros Seelos
02.04.1970 09 Ralf Bendix, The Four Tops, Ray Miller, Rut Rex, Boris Rubashkin, Ricky Shayne, Tereza
30.04.1970 10 The Bentley Sisters, Glen Campbell, Joe Dolan, Vicky Leandros, Liesbeth List, Peggy March
18.06.1970 11 Katja Ebstein, Rex Gildo, Dieter Thomas Heck, Daliah Lavi, Rosy-Singers, Die Valendras, Gerhard Wendland
04.02.1971 12 Roy Black, Katja Ebstein, Daliah Lavi, Ike & Tina Turner
22.04.1971 13 Karel Gott, Vicky Leandros, Andy Tilman, Séverine
30.09.1971 14 T. Rex, Mary Roos, Manuela, Sacha Distel, Olivia Molina, Die Studiker - note with Max Greger not James Last Orchestra
18.11.1971 15 Soulful Dynamics, Roy Black, Anita Hegerland, Rex Gildo, Manuela, Joe Dassin, Titanic, La Tuna
13.01.1972 16 Les Humphries Singers, Bata Illic, Alice & Ellen Kessler, Jimmy Patrick, Peret, Chris Roberts, Marianne Rosenberg, Michael Schanze
27.04.1972 17 Heino, Middle of the Road, Séverine, Ulli Martin, Katja Ebstein
13.07.1972 18 Roy Black, Anita, Vicky Leandros, Karel Gott, Ralf Bendix
26.10.1972 19 Mouth & MacNeal, Jürgen Marcus, Udo Jürgens, Roy Black, Tony Christie
08.02.1973 20 Marlene Charell, Daliah Lavi, Rex Gildo, Frank Schöbel, Chris Doerk
22.03.1973 21 Chris Roberts, Manuela, Cindy & Bert, Julio Iglesias, Olivia Molina
17.05.1973 22 Danyel Gérard, Séverine, Ireen Sheer, Phil & John, Renate & Werner Leismann, Heino
20.09.1973 23
20.12.1973 24 Middle of the Road, Nina und Mike, Michael Schanze, Udo Jürgens, Les Humphries Singers
21.03.1974 25
16.05.1974 26 ABBA
19.09.1974 27 Roberto Blanco, Rex Gildo, Udo Jürgens, Mireille Mathieu
05.12.1974 28 Neil Diamond, The Three Degrees, Reinhard Mey, Peter Kraus, Les Humphries Singers, Marion
06.03.1975 29 Daliah Lavi
05.06.1975 30
28.08.1975 31
20.11.1975 32
10.01.1976 33
15.05.1976 34
21.08.1976 35
16.10.1976 36
10.02.1977 37
02.06.1977 38 Roy Black
15.09.1977 39 Caterina Valente, Gene Reed
10.11.1977 40
02.03.1978 41 Costa Cordalis, Hitkids, Peter Maffay
11.05.1978 42 ABBA, The Carpenters, Ireen Sheer
21.09.1978 43
02.11.1978 44
15.03.1979 45
14.06.1979 46
11.10.1979 47
20.12.1979 48 Udo Jürgens
07.02.1980 49
05.06.1980 50

Sources: Online Archive of the Vienna Arbeiter-Zeitung and the Hamburger Abendblatt, closing the original programming


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